17 March 2012

Farewell, M.A.R. Barker

As noted at The Tékumel Foundation website, Professor Barker has passed from this mortal realm.  I never had the pleasure of meeting the man in person, but his passing is still a bit of a shock to me.  Later today, after doing the necessaries around the house, I will remember the Prof in the only way I can:  by starting to re-read, for the uncountable time, his first novel The Man of Gold, pore over his army lists and magazine articles, and maybe even put a little paint on some of the Shén miniatures waiting patiently on my desk.  It is the only way I can honor the man - by keeping a tiny part of his legacy alight.

Thank you Professor Barker, for sharing your creation with all of us.



  1. I ordered a copy of The Man of Gold from Amazon. I've never read M.A.R. Barker's stuff, so I'm intrigued. I remember Empire of the Petal Throne and the figure line (from RAFM?) that came out in the 70s. The whole rebirth of Tèkumel thing intrigues me.

  2. Man of Gold is probably the best of the five novels. You might want to take a peek into the index when you start.