27 May 2006


Well, those Orks escaped the attention of my camera... I will catch them though, soon.

It is the start of a three-day week-end here, so I might make some progress on these Tau. I'm planning to build the sniper drones, and my Crisis-suited commander, by Tuesday. Yes, yes, I'll post some pics!

Also, I was able to put some paint on those tank traps, and I will take some pics of those.

You might want to take a peek at Ben's blog:


(sorry 'bout that - for some reason I'm having a problem with Blogger...)

Some great pics of Ultramarines!


06 May 2006

A little bit of terrain...

I'm starting a quick little project for the tabletop.

Last week at work, we received a new scanner. Now, normally I don't get to play with the new stuff at work, but when I saw the packaging I was mollified, since it had some 'unusual' shapes. After a couple of days, the packaging still had not been tossed out, so I took advantage of the situation and broke off some useful bits from the packaging.

(Stealth suit added for scale)

I sanded the bases of the 'teeth' and the sides also, and glued them down to .060" styrene sheet. Once the glue is dry (I used Elmer's Wood Glue, which takes quite a while to dry, but should be stronger than white glue) I'll add some spackle to help pretty up the base, and go from there.

Later this week-end, I hope to take some pics of No. 2 Son's 40K figures...