31 December 2008

My new blog...

My new blog can be found here - Mini Ship Gaming

It is very much a work-in-progress!


30 December 2008

A bit of a sea-change

I have been a bit stuck in my gaming direction lately. For one or another reason, I have not been able to come to an acceptable situation regarding the rules I want to use for my nifty Tékumel minis. I suppose I should just pick something and go for it, but I am (subconsciously?) holding myself back from making a commitment. Seems odd, doesn't it? But, I can not decide.

I am going to put the Tékumel project on hold for a while, and come back to it when I have some new ideas.

I am intending to continue work on the Empire army for Warhammer.

My fantasy skirmish game plans are also on indefinite hold.

The historical project is coming to the fore in the new year ahead. I am going to plunge back into naval gaming. Most of my hobby time prior to the start of this blog (wow, over three years ago) was spent with naval minis and I am taking a tack back to that subject.

I do feel a bit of anguish over failing to bring the Tékumel project to fruition. Picking rules should be so simple, but for me it is not. Maybe it is due to my relative inexperience with the genre - I had a brief encounter with Tékumel in the 1980's, reading the first two novels, acquiring some of the army books, and dreaming of battles but nothing else until 2 years ago when I first saw the new minis from Eureka.

The new blog is still in the construction phase, but it will be launched shortly, perhaps on Jan 1 2009. I will post the new url here as soon as it goes live. It will have news of naval mini gaming as well as my personal projects.

I will still post here, but the emphasis will be on Empire matters, and general gaming.


21 December 2008

Huge 40K Ork battle...

This actually happened last month, but it is still nifty (and newsworthy!)... My son Taeklonn was involved in a massive 40K battle, and here are some pics (not taken by me):

Link at the-waaagh

More photobucket pics

Wow, what a battle!

One of the more satisfying notes is that, if you look really closely at the pre-game shots, you will see some Gorka Morka orks that I painted years ago. They are in my son's collection, and still see regular gaming.