08 September 2012


... after a long absence!  

I have not picked up a paintbrush, however, in about five months, so I have little in the way of tangible progress.  I have done a bit of thinking about my biggest problem - mass-battle rules! - and have come to some conclusions but all of that will wait until I get my order of shiny new Ahoggyá along with a few other miniatures.

In the meantime, I am trying to work on two other issues for my Tékumel gaming.  One - terrain.  I have some old projects that will be dusted off and a few new ones to start.  Hopefully I will have some pics to post soonish.

Number two - naval.  My Xyston ships have been sat in a box for quite some time, but thanks to some inspiration - from Hetairoi's post here, and a post by Artorius here, I feel the need to get cracking on my Tsolyanú squadrons again.


A long time...

... since I have posted!

Sadly I do not have much to show for the time.  Work and other obstacles were in the way, but I have made a purchase of a very good looking (but sadly not perfect) nicker miniature and a nice miniature for a gudgeon.  Once I have the camera ready and workbench sorted, I will post pics.