18 May 2013

Ahoggyá, part 4

Back some months ago, I had a system organized for how I wanted my first Ahoggyá unit to look.  All of the arms were laid out on my workbench in just the right order.  Then, we re-organized the hobby area and everything was packed away.  Scroll ahead to now, and I can not remember exactly what I had done!  And, of course, no pics of the entire set...  So, today I set out to fix all of that.

This is what I had to work with (a pic from some time ago):

But, this is just all of the pieces laid out, not in the order I needed.  Starting from scratch, I was.  To help me remember what was going on for the next time, I found some of my handy storage units and divided the pieces for specific Ahoggyá:

In this case, the arms of each individual Ahoggyá went into a specific container, along with a note to help me remember how I wanted the arms posed:

The note is a little diagram of where I want the specific Ahoggyá on the base for this unit.  These Ahoggyá will be representing the Legion of the Dancer Without Eyes, 2nd Imperial Ahoggyá Auxiliary Heavy Infantry for the Tsolyáni forces.  Two more groups have been sorted, one more for the Tsolyáni and one for the Yán Kór.


Monsters, part 4

Just some small progress here:

I still have not stripped the paint from the fellow on the left, but the others are getting a little attention, including the Boschenburg troops in the background (although it is hard to tell).

And, a comparison pic.  The basket on the right is another from Darkson Designs, Beast of the Apocalypse.  I had originally thought that this miniature would work as a gudgeon, but I have reconsidered that and it will now join the legion of monsters while I search for a better construct.  Please note the the two baskets in the above pic are not nearly done; hopefully they will look better when they are finished.