26 November 2006

Gaming again


Sorry for such a delay between posts. The wind-up for the wedding took a bit out of me...

I have finally managed to have a game, my first in quite a while. I played against my son in 40K, my Tau vs. his Black Templars. It was all over by the end of turn 4, but my son was a bit distressed in the pile of dead Marines my Tau left on the field. I have pics of the game that I will post soon.

Also, I dropped my son off at the GW Battle Bunker last Saturday for 'Tanksgiving', an all-vehicle free-for-all. He was quite happy with the outcome, having scored 12 kills and having 7 of 9 vehicles left by the end of the game. He walked away with a nice piece of terrain (Ork watchtower) and a Leman Russ model that he happily converted into a looted Leman Russ for his Ork force. I have pics of that also.

Not a bad holiday week-end!!