29 August 2008

Bits & pieces

Just a few brief notes:

Along the left side of this blog, I have started a new set of links for Ancients gaming. It is small, but when I have more time it will be expanded.

The Greatswords are primed, except the standard bearer. I'll have some pics as I make a new standard for him.

Taeklonn recently gave me some Empire horses, so I am working on a mounted Army standard bearer, using some of the bits from the spearmen command sprues. Pics will be posted later...

In the World of Warcraft department, I have struck a deal with my wife, Feawin. Since my attention can be rather diluted with WoW, minis, other blogs, general web surfing, and wargame-rules-pondering, she has far out-paced my ability to level, which means that we can't actually play together. So, we have a plan - create a duo that will be able to play together and be able to get into groups with others for the higher-end instances. This means that I will be spending more undivided time on WoW on just a single character. I will be leveling a shaman, which will meet up with her deathknight. Now, the deathknight is not out yet, as it is a part of the next expansion for WoW, so I have some time to get my shaman up to level 58.

As part of the deal, I will also have undivided time at the painting table (yay!). But, this might lead to a major change in my collecting direction, as I am finding that 28mm minis are rather time consuming to paint. So, I am about to order some 10mm minis as a test to see if I can paint them to a reasonable standard in a shorter amount of time than it has taken to paint a unit of 28mm minis. And, yes, pics will be up when available!


21 August 2008

Basing and other trivial matters

Well, Blogger ate the first attempt at this post, so a much shortened version follows:

After a lot of needless noggin-scratching, I have finally settled on a basing scheme for my Tékumel minis - 45mm squares. Four bases per unit, with a variable number of minis per base: 4 minis for heavy infantry, 3 for mediums, and 2 for light infantry/skirmishers. Generals will be on 45mm round bases.

In the past, I always cut my own bases for my minis (especially naval miniatures), but I will be ordering Litko bases this time around.