28 February 2010

Old Glory orcs, part 1

Regular readers of this blog might remember my Piles Of Minis post way back last year, where I sorted through a bunch of old minis that had recently resurfaced. While working on my Tsolyanu minis, my orcs have also found some time under the paintbrush.

Here are some work-in-progress pics:

Pictured are two packs of orcs from Old Glory Miniatures Ghost line - Orcs with Scimitars and Orcs with Axes.

These minis are not top-of-the-line sculpts, but I like them a lot and they paint up easily. The sculpts are animated and I have only one repeat in the collection. My favorite is the orc in the back row, trying to be sneaky.

Here's a close-up:

The base skin color is Reaper Pro Paints Ruddy Flesh, with a wash or two of GW Ogryn Flesh. I did not want yet another set of green orcs. Greenskins have their place but not in this bunch. Sometime I will add some bow-armed orcs to the mix...


13 February 2010

Mustering Sérqu, Sword of The Empire

In an attempt to become more organized in both my painting and purchasing, I have dragged my Legion of Sérqu minis out into the light to get them into nice, orderly 'unit' groups PRIOR to painting them. At this moment, my 'unit' groups for heavy infantry consist of 6 minis. This unit size is specifically chosen for it's usefulness in a number of different rules I'm *still* researching - Fantasy Rules!, the yet-unreleased Song of Armies & Hordes from Ganesha Games, and maybe even some others like Fantasy Warriors, Irregular Miniature's Ancient Rules Box, or Command & Colors.

24 of Eureka Miniatures' finest Tékumel minis! (My apologies for the poor pics)

I must actually have 25 minis for Sérqu - one of the officers is missing from these pics (2 officers come with every large economy-size pack from Eureka). Obviously I have sent him off to join my special command stand unit with one from the Legion of Ever Present Glory and Kettukal himself.

One little project that I am going to try with Sérqu is to equip at least one unit with their handweapons instead of a long spear. These minis from Eureka come with two different ones - a sword or a mace. That should provide a bit of visual flair for the different units, and in skirmish games it will make quite a difference. If this works, I intend to convert some of my Ever Present Glory troops, especially the ones with leveled spears...