25 June 2016

New and not so new arrivals

Typically, I post pics of my new stuff to the blog, but sometimes I am lax.  However, this just arrived:

This is a great item, and I desperately need terrain pieces.  Hopefully, I can get these set up in an eye-pleasing way (to the eternal critic - me!) in short order.

Also new:

My first new brushes in ages.  These are from Rosemary & Co., a great little brushmaker in the UK.  The company was recommended by several painters across different forums, so I jumped in also.  The ones with black handles are Kolinsky sable, in sizes ranging from 2/0 to 2, while the fifth one (natural-colored handle) is a sable blend.  These brushes are not very expensive, with the average price of the group above - including shipping to the USA - being about $7.50.  It is hoped that these new brushes will help with my figure-painting output; they are much nicer than my other brushes!

And now, the not-so-new:

1/72 Nationalist infantry for the Spanish Civil War.  My Republicans now have some opposition!  One more infantry section, and some heavy weapons, will give me plenty of fodder for some games.

Last, but not least:

(Apologies for the poor pics)  

These are the most controversial group of all...  1/56 Savoia musketeers from Crann Tara.

Why are these controversial?  They represent the nucleus of yet another project.  I appear to be doing some retail therapy on myself, which I usually do not mind but typically it is pointed towards existing projects.  Life seems to be a bit outside of my comfort zone at the moment, and that has always led me to think in different directions for my hobbies.  Will this new project stick this time?  Perhaps, as my lovely wife likes tricornes and the period is more appealing than some others.  Right now I am trying to decide on single or element basing for what could be a major set-up.

To add some more controversy - I am intending to use these fine figures for Seven Years' War Russians...


22 June 2016

SCW Republicans, part 4

Just a few dabs of paint here and there on my first section of Republican infantry, but progress nonetheless:

Helmets are almost done, just need chin straps.  Also need to do haversacks and weapons of course.  I have tried to give a mix of helmet styles and colors.  The chap with the slightly bluish helmet is the assistant section leader, with my attempt at portraying an old WW1 French Adrian-style helmet.  Sticks out like a sore thumb, but one will always know which one he is.  With the section leader in a soft cap, the leaders should be reasonably easy to pick out on the battlefield during a game.


18 June 2016

Boschenburg musketeers, part 5

A little bit of work on these figures, as the rebasing project moves forward once again:

New 25mm MDF bases, and a new filler for the top.  I am using a method very similar to the one used at this post on Dots of Paint.  Different, of course, but with the same basic premise:  using a pre-colored compound for the base.  I am using this for my bases:

This material has a grainy texture, and dries solid.  I will put my usual basing materials on top of this layer.

This should speed up the basing process a bit, but time will tell...

30 Years War, part 2

Small slivers of progress:

The above pic is a handful of pikemen for my 30 Years War project, Khurasan originals are the three groups from the right, and the two on the left are from Khurasan's Testudo range.

I am not certain, but these figures might be the first of my French troops.


12 June 2016

Shén, part 7

Finally, the first element of Shén for my Tsolyáni army is done:

These troops are part of the Legion of The City of Chrí, 7th Imperial Shén Auxiliary Heavy Infantry.

The copper trim is a bit of artistic license on my part - it does not look too out of place I believe!

The base might be a bit more green than the others, but it will work out just fine.

Two more elements for this unit - one more of pikes similar to this one, and a command element.