26 June 2008

MMORPG, part 5

We are still playing WoW but the situation is a bit different now. We have moved (over the past couple of months) over to the Scryers realm - with the main focus being on the Alliance side now. I have a gnome mage - my time-honored MMO character race/profession combo that goes back all the way to Everquest - and I am slowly working him up in levels (now lvl 20).

There he is - just outside of the dwarven city of Ironforge at night.

Feawin has a gnomish character (among many others!) also:

Her character is a warlock, and the blue fellow in the background is her Voidwalker, a summoned spirit that does her bidding in combat situations.

We're having a good time - started a guild and slowly working it up, recruiting people but not being too serious about the game, just having fun.

Feawin has also discovered Spore - which could be quite the time-sink as well. The creature creator has a free version, and some of the critters are quite amusing...


15 June 2008

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 3

I've been occupied with more pressing matters lately, but have made some progress towards getting these minis done. Here is a quick pic:

The three command minis (in the back) are pretty much done, and the rest just need some lightening up of their armor and touch-ups. The skin came out better than I expected. I used some Reaper Pro Series Flesh Ink mixed with 50% Future (Klear) over the original paint.

I'm happy with the results so far. They are not strictly 'canon' according to the Tsolyanu army book, but they are close enough, and will look nice on the table.