28 October 2015

Frostgrave prize has arrived!

Just a quick pic:

I have received my prize from the fine fellows at Canister & Grape!

Many thanks again!


27 October 2015

More shirts!

Yes, more t-shirts.  Game Faire was not the only show I attended.  Dragonflight is another, and still a current affair.  Unfortunately, I have not attended Dragonflight for some years, but maybe that will change...

And, the shirts:


24 October 2015

Scots, part 2

There has not been much time here for the painting table recently, with a plethora of other items as distractions and to top it off by feeling a bit under the weather.  I did manage to get some brushtime on the Scots:

The Islemen are slowly getting some attention, and on the right foreground are some knights with their gesso primer.


17 October 2015

Something a little different... shirts

Remember the saying - been there, done that, got the t-shirt?  Well, while doing some sorting of old stuff, I found some old T-shirts from game shows that I had attended in the past, and I thought that I would memorialize them in some blog posts before they are sent off to charity.

First up are the shirts that I received from the now-defunct show, Game Faire, which was held in Spokane, WA, USA (my home-town) from 1979 to 2002 (or maybe 2003).  Game Faire was an all-inclusive sort of convention, with board games, RPGs, card games, computer games, and miniature events all under one roof.  I started as just an attendee, then started to run board game events, such as Squad Leader, Blue Max, and Western Desert, then made the switch to miniatures, primarily WW1 naval events.

And, without further ado...

Not a complete set by any means.  Game Faire always offered very nice shirts, with cool artwork especially in the later years of the convention.

And now, one last Game Faire t-shirt:

This one is from the Game Faire that was held in Lewiston, ID, USA, in 1984.  It was organized by the same people, but was held only twice or maybe three times before folding.


10 October 2015

Another prize win

The fine fellows over at Cannister & Grape recently held a big give-away celebrating the 7th anniversary of their blog, and yours truly was one of the lucky recipients of some very nice swag in the form of a bundle of the new Frostgrave figures!  Thank you very much for the prize Millsy and Evan et al; I can't wait to get some paint slopped onto those figures!

I have been quite fortunate in the past with regards to these contests - earlier this year saw a prize from Jon at Palouse Wargaming Journal, and in 2012, a DVD from Big Lee.

Again, a big thank you to all of you!


06 October 2015

Scots, part 1

Purchased these some time ago, but only now just getting around to the pics:

Scots, or more specifically Islemen, from Claymore Castings.  Here are a few more:

The fellow on the right of the bottom pic is a standard bearer, and he is holding a length of brass tubing that I glued in.

I am a little worried about the axes that they are wielding, as they are a bit thin and the pose is energetic.  Wonderful figures despite that.  I have others, but they had been primed black already and black primed figures just do not photograph well.


03 October 2015

Return to an old project?

Not much painting time here lately, just moving things around in an attempt to re-organize.

Here is a pic of the table:

The fantasy humans have been re-primed with a thin coat of gesso, and the square bases have been removed.  Unfortunately for the rest - and many other miniatures that are waiting off-stage - my stash of round slotta bases is very small, so they will need to wait for a while before getting based up again.

The Huaxtec continue to get some tattoo work, and in the rear rank one can see my Eagle warriors.  Eagle and Jaguar societies were not limited to just the Aztecs, so my Eureka Eagles have been transferred to the Huaxtec.  I am intending to make the core of my Aztec force around Foundry figures, but that is some time in the future.

And, in the foreground, are a couple of bags of miniatures that had been stored away for some time, and are going to make a comeback.  One can just read the business card in the photo from Claymore Castings, and the bags contain some of their excellent 14th century English and Scots.  As my wife is interested in her Scottish heritage, I will likely bring this dormant project back to the fore in the upcoming weeks.