06 October 2015

Scots, part 1

Purchased these some time ago, but only now just getting around to the pics:

Scots, or more specifically Islemen, from Claymore Castings.  Here are a few more:

The fellow on the right of the bottom pic is a standard bearer, and he is holding a length of brass tubing that I glued in.

I am a little worried about the axes that they are wielding, as they are a bit thin and the pose is energetic.  Wonderful figures despite that.  I have others, but they had been primed black already and black primed figures just do not photograph well.



  1. Nice figures; the axe shafts do look a bit thin (if not, realistic) for handling/gaming, but should be alright. Worse case you can replace them as needed with brass rod. I wouldn't do replace unless broken, of course.