24 November 2012

Tékumel artwork Kickstarter...

Jeff Dee is revisiting his original artwork for the first of the Tékumel rulebooks, TSR's Empire of the Petal Throne, and has a Kickstarter campaign to support it ( right here ).

This is just a simple plug for the work - if you are interested have a look-see!  Eight days are left on the Kickstarter, and the original goal has been doubled.


18 November 2012

Sérudla, part 1

In my last order from The Tékumel Club, Howard sent out some samples of a great new miniature that will be coming out for the Club sometime soon - Sérudla!

Not very small though, but I forgot to take a pic with a human-sized miniature for scale - next time!  It is a bit hard to see the detail of the white plastic material, but a nice paint-job will alleviate that...

And the left side.  These have been produced by 3-d production techniques.  The material is very light-weight and reasonably strong, except for the thinner pieces such as the spines on the back which require some delicate handling.

Sérudla are an uncommon beast on Tékumel, and are trained and equipped for battle only by the Ghatóni, an ally of the Yán Kór alliance fighting against the Petal Throne.  As such, they represent the first on my opposing forces to the troops of the Petal Throne that I have collected already.  I might wait to finish these beasties off until later, when Ghatóni miniatures are available as well.


12 November 2012

A few Tékumel miniatures...

Only brand-new to me, some of these have been out for a while:

Princess Vrísa Vishétru (L), and Lady Mríssa (R)

Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi is one of the notable characters of the great force opposed to the blue-armored legions of the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa is the leader of The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, a unit of medium infantry for the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa's shield is on it's side and when properly held would be rotated clockwise.

Prince Eselne (L) and Hláka messenger (R)

 This is the 'Imperial Messenger' vignette from The Tékumel Club offerings.  Prince Eselne is one of the many offspring of the Emperor on the Petal Throne.  Hláka are a small, winged sentient being, with three eyes and fur.

Hláka leader

Another Hláka, this one is the leader of a warband.  Hláka are often used as scouts as their skittish nature does not lend well to close combat, but they can and will use missile weapons - typically javelins - on their opponents from the air.


07 November 2012

A little more...

Let's hope I stick to it a little longer this time!

Once again work and other distractions have overwhelmed me, but I have just received two boxes of Tékumel goodies and will endeavor to post pics ASAP... once I find the camera, and clear off the desk, and find some time, and..............  :)


04 October 2012

Tap, tap, tap...

Is this mic still on?   :)

Far too much time has passed between post, with absolutely nothing to show for it.

However, my budget problems just might be over, and I am getting that need for some armored action.  I can not say when the next post will be, but watch this space!

08 September 2012


... after a long absence!  

I have not picked up a paintbrush, however, in about five months, so I have little in the way of tangible progress.  I have done a bit of thinking about my biggest problem - mass-battle rules! - and have come to some conclusions but all of that will wait until I get my order of shiny new Ahoggyá along with a few other miniatures.

In the meantime, I am trying to work on two other issues for my Tékumel gaming.  One - terrain.  I have some old projects that will be dusted off and a few new ones to start.  Hopefully I will have some pics to post soonish.

Number two - naval.  My Xyston ships have been sat in a box for quite some time, but thanks to some inspiration - from Hetairoi's post here, and a post by Artorius here, I feel the need to get cracking on my Tsolyanú squadrons again.


25 March 2012

Tékumel naval, part 6

One of the projects collecting dust (but not forgotten!) on my hobby desk is this little guy:

No, I have not made any actual 'progress' on the Qél, mostly because something was bothering me about it.  Something just did not look right.  Actually, it is several things...  First, the 'castle' as seen in the mid-deck seems very small - it could hold two maybe three marines at most.  Second, the steering oars near the stern of the vessel do not seem to be as prominent in the drawings of Tékumeli vessels in Qadárdàlikoi.  Third, the masts seem a bit close together.  But, that is just a symptom of another issue - the Xyston miniature is not quite the right length:

The piece of balsa is the average length of a Qél according to Qadárdàlikoi.  

So, what to do?

Despite the issues, I like the Xyston ships, but future builds might be slightly modified.  I'm thinking of omitting the steering oars and the foremast from the Qéls built after this one.  The Qél above will be kept in this configuration, and will be an archaic design kept around because it was some Tsolyanú admiral's first command.


19 March 2012

The prize has arrived!

As mentioned over at Big Lee's blog, I won a nifty DVD in a prize drawing.  And it has arrived!

Kudos to the Imperial War Museum for making the product 'All Regions' - yes it does work on my Region 1 machine; and many many thanks to Big Lee for the give-away!  I am going to give it some thought and see if I can come up with something around here that I can give-away in a similar fashion...


17 March 2012

Farewell, M.A.R. Barker

As noted at The Tékumel Foundation website, Professor Barker has passed from this mortal realm.  I never had the pleasure of meeting the man in person, but his passing is still a bit of a shock to me.  Later today, after doing the necessaries around the house, I will remember the Prof in the only way I can:  by starting to re-read, for the uncountable time, his first novel The Man of Gold, pore over his army lists and magazine articles, and maybe even put a little paint on some of the Shén miniatures waiting patiently on my desk.  It is the only way I can honor the man - by keeping a tiny part of his legacy alight.

Thank you Professor Barker, for sharing your creation with all of us.


11 March 2012

I'm a winner!

Color me shocked and amazed, but I have won a prize draw for a nifty-looking DVD.  Big Lee over at his blog posted a contest for a prize give-away last week.  The steps were simple - be a follower of his blog (if you do not already follow along there you should) and post a comment.  So I did, fueled by my recently renewed fascination with AFV's due to my involvement with World of Tanks.  Lo and behold, I was chosen as the winner!


08 March 2012

Still here

Progress has been lacking here, but I hope to rectify that shortly.  I've been busy with work and distracted by online computer games, but two things should help that:

1  -  Setting up a schedule.  I seem to need an actual schedule for my hobbies; a bit weird I know but if I do not then it is all too easy to slip back into web surfing and game playing

2  -  A hobby budget.  It will not be huge, but having an amount set aside every month for hobby expenditures will make a difference.  Typically I just wing it and hope to get stuff 'when I can.'  One stipulation set on the budget by the household CFO (my lovely wife) is that the amount does not carry over into the next month - spend it or lose it.  That does not seem to be the most economical way to approach it, but the amount should be enough to purchase a fair amount of miniatures, and my slow painting pace is not conducive to mass quantities.

Hopefully this all works!


14 February 2012

Shén, part 2

I have the four Shén miniatures mounted up, and am now about to prime them.  But, I am considering a slightly different way, at least for the Diplomat.

On the left, you see the Diplomat and the feather cloak.  My idea is to prime the cloak with white, as the feathers will be easier to paint with washes over white than black (my usual primer color), then prime the rest of the figure with black, as the scales will be easier to paint over black primer.

Has anybody tried this before?


20 January 2012

Shén, part 1

Here are some pics of the recently released Shén for Tékumel:

Front and rear pics of the Shén Diplomat (left) and Merchant (right).  The Diplomat has an intricately detailed cloak of feathers, and both miniatures have great scale details.

Two Shén berzerkers.  Again, great detail on the scales and a large shield.  The sword is interesting in that it is rather slender.

A better shot of the shield and axe.


14 January 2012


The clearing of the table has been accomplished.  Here is what I was up against:

Quite the mess with several projects all mingling together.

The clean slate.

The table reloaded.

Regular readers will recognize some of the miniatures in the last pic, and there are some new additions that just came by - more on those in another post.


04 January 2012


My apologies to my readers as I have not posted for some time.  There is a shortage of 'sit at the painting table' inspiration here at the moment.  My dear wife suggested that I clear the table off completely, and begin anew with whatever piques my interest out of all of the minis that are just sitting around in boxes, just to get the juices flowing again.  I will post some pics later...