08 March 2012

Still here

Progress has been lacking here, but I hope to rectify that shortly.  I've been busy with work and distracted by online computer games, but two things should help that:

1  -  Setting up a schedule.  I seem to need an actual schedule for my hobbies; a bit weird I know but if I do not then it is all too easy to slip back into web surfing and game playing

2  -  A hobby budget.  It will not be huge, but having an amount set aside every month for hobby expenditures will make a difference.  Typically I just wing it and hope to get stuff 'when I can.'  One stipulation set on the budget by the household CFO (my lovely wife) is that the amount does not carry over into the next month - spend it or lose it.  That does not seem to be the most economical way to approach it, but the amount should be enough to purchase a fair amount of miniatures, and my slow painting pace is not conducive to mass quantities.

Hopefully this all works!


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  1. You won the prize draw over at BLMA. Congratulations mate. Drop me an email at BigLeeH at gmail dot com with your address and I'll post it on Monday.