25 October 2009

Tekumel on the Lost Minis Wiki

Eyin of the Lost Minis Wiki has started a specific page for all of those Old Guard/Ral Partha/PhD Games minis for Tékumel - Legions of the Petal Throne

He is missing a number of pics but it is a good start!


04 October 2009

Empire Outriders, part 6

Here is a pic of the very first horse I have done in 28mm:

Wow, not nearly done yet, but it is getting there. I used a mix of Daler and Rowney Burnt Umber ink and 50% Future and coated the entire horse except the saddle. I like the effect of the ink on the horse; the mane and tail will require some dry-brushing to make them look right. The tack does not look good, so that will need to be repainted and then a wash of Reaper Pro Paint Wood Stain Ink to give it a more leathery and less pink look. The saddle will be dark grey and the blanket will be dark blue.


02 October 2009

Fantasy plans

In a rare departure from the norm, I am trying to set forth a plan for painting up that fantasy Pile of Minis. Making the plan won't be hard but sticking to it will!

First off is the orcs. I am not going to paint these up as the usual GW-style orcs; I have so many lizardmen types (Reptus and Reptiliads) and humans (maybe - the Yan Kor troops are a 'future' purchase) that will be in green, so the orcs will be different. I intend to shamelessly steal Tim's orc skin scheme - a reddish-brown as shown very well here. It will not be exactly the same, but rather close.

I also need to re-base most of the orcs onto round bases from square. Taeklonn has offered a handful or two of old GW slotta bases that will work perfectly.


01 October 2009

Halloween terrain bits

Feawin and I were at the local store the other day, and stumbled across their Halloween display. One item caught my eye immediately:

These are supposed to be sprinkled across a table for a kid's Halloween party, but I think that they will make great terrain bits. They are a bit big - the skull piece is just over 1" long, but for fantasy games they will be just fine for an ancient battlefield or graveyard of giants! 25 pieces in all - skulls, rib cages, hand-wrist-forearm, feet, and thigh bones. The store we bought these at (we grabbed two) is notorious for overpricing, so these should be available for much less money.