02 October 2009

Fantasy plans

In a rare departure from the norm, I am trying to set forth a plan for painting up that fantasy Pile of Minis. Making the plan won't be hard but sticking to it will!

First off is the orcs. I am not going to paint these up as the usual GW-style orcs; I have so many lizardmen types (Reptus and Reptiliads) and humans (maybe - the Yan Kor troops are a 'future' purchase) that will be in green, so the orcs will be different. I intend to shamelessly steal Tim's orc skin scheme - a reddish-brown as shown very well here. It will not be exactly the same, but rather close.

I also need to re-base most of the orcs onto round bases from square. Taeklonn has offered a handful or two of old GW slotta bases that will work perfectly.


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