04 September 2022

New rules, future projects

 As my painting and gaming mojo comes back, I have been thinking about other projects, of course!  Here are a few that are at the front of the queue at the moment:

Two very interesting sets.  

Seven Days to the River Rhine covers the Great Conflict that never was - the Cold War Gone Hot in Europe.  This era brings me back to my early days of miniatures battles, as the gaming group I was part of was writing/testing micro-armour rules for both WW2 and 'Modern'.  Decades later, it is back, with a slight twist.  The idea that I have is more akin to the movie Red Dawn instead of the book Red Storm Rising, just at a larger level of gaming.  This would not be a skirmish game.  1/285 miniatures have been acquired for this project, now known as G22.

For Whom The Dice Rolls also caught my eye when published.  Do I need another Spanish Civil War project?  That is the question, and since I have two in the works already - 20mm skirmish and 1/144 aerial - the answer seems to be, err, yes!  My original thought was to do this in 6mm, but I am thinking 10mm might be better, as the 1/144 aircraft could be used for the ground battles, and the 10mm kit can be targets/scenery for the air-to-air segment.  To my eye, 20mm would be too large for this set, but I could be wrong.  More thought is needed.


24 August 2022

Issue with Blogger

 Just a brief note and request to my friends around the blogosphere - I am having issues with the 'My Blog List' gadget on Blogger, specifically I am unable to add or remove any listings.  Any solutions or hints?  The usual searches for answers from Blogger itself are not helpful.  I might need delete the gadget and rebuild the list.


07 August 2022

Greeks part 4

 After a confusing week of work, I was not able to get much done.

Here is the mostly finished base of skirmishers for the Spartan army.  You can see the extras in the background; they will make up most of the next unit in time.  Eight is the typical count in a pack of Xyston miniatures and I painted them all, not realizing that only 5 were needed.  Oops.

The base is from Warbases - the order came in, quite quickly I might add - and it is coated with the following:

A thin layer of the Vallejo texture is applied.  After it is dry, 24 hrs or so, a slightly diluted mix of Daler & Rowney Antelope Brown is brushed on.

But now, I am stuck.

The next step would be drybrushing to lighten the top, some flock and tufts added, then done.  But, I am not certain what colors to use as I do not have a suitable table topping to play on.  A good mat is the goal, so I will have to take a look around.  At least the last steps are easy enough, but I want to make sure to match the base to the mat reasonably closely, just for my OCD tendencies!


31 July 2022

Greeks part 3, and a bit more

 2 posts in the same month - wonders will never end!  To be fair, this is a post for the 'sandwich crowd' 😄 and well as the beginnings of an effort for me to post more often.

Some small progress on the Greeks:

The first unit of skirmishers is painted and ready, except for a minor detail - bases.  So, after a bit of searching an order to Warbases was sent off.  I have a preference for their 2mm MDF bases for 15mm figures, and I intend to continue use of Litko 3mm bases for my 28mm efforts.

Also shown in the pic above is the first attempt at some Theban hoplites.  I will need to make spears (dory) for each hoplite as neither PSC nor Xyston provide them in their packs/boxes.  Another issue, hard to see above is an on-going test of primers.  Eventually, I will settle on one or two brands, but I am still searching for perfection.  Although I leave shields separate during painting for my 28mm figures, I think that it will be best to attach them prior to priming next time!

And, a bit more from the Pile of Possibilities...

One project that is waiting patiently in the background is my 20mm Spanish Civil War set-up.  There has been some work on it during my absence but I will need to do a thoroughly inventory to make a plan.

 I am fairly certain that I have enough (just barely enough 😁) tanks for both Republican and Nationalist forces, although none of them are finished.  Plenty of infantry, but I seem to remember that the Francoist forces were lacking.

And then, of course, terrain will need to be secured!


23 July 2022

Painting table July 2022, and more

 Hmmm, 3½ months between posts... the interval is dropping so that is good, right?!

Let's start with an old tradition around here, the painting table pic:

The table is filled with the usual medley of stuff.  By my count, there are seven different projects in the picture!  The biggest change from my typical work process is that there is much more organization in everything, from paints to the figures themselves.  I just need to sit there more often and get stuff done.

The 2nd Mantinea Battle Day project has taken a large step forward after languishing for too many months.  I have finally settled on a rules system for all of my Greek/Persian struggles, and that is going to be Triumph.  After reading through several sets, I find that Triumph makes more sense to me than other rules.  Triumph does use the 'standard' DBx basing system for the most part, so I can easily switch to other rules in the future if needed.  I am making one adjustment - the base sizes are going to be much bigger, using a frontage of 80mm.  This will give a figure density that, to me at least, is more pleasing to the eye.

The army lists for the Thebans and the Spartans have been sorted as well.  I used the description of 2nd Mantinea from Lost Battles as a baseline, and worked to adjust the army lists from Triumph (found online here at Meshwesh).  After a bit of translation - Triumph is a bit different in its descriptions of units - two lists were made that seem to be consistent with the battle.  The Thebans come out with a slightly larger force, which is suggested by contemporary writers, Xenophon and Diodorus, and modern historians.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the basic lists from Triumph fit quite well with Prof. Sabin's analysis from Lost Battles.

Now comes the mustering of the units, with the PSC figures pictured above being amongst the first to answer the call.