10 April 2022

Let's try again

 Yes, it seems that my keyboard does work...

It has been a struggle to keep up with the plethora of social media these days, and blogs can be left behind in the process.  But, there is something enticing about blogs yet, and I am going to try once again to commit to a habit of posting.

I am reasonably certain that my audience here is not very interested in my return to 'the Games Workshop hobby' (sic 😅 ) so I will not clutter this place with that.  I have found an outlet for my GW stuff - Reddit.  Surprising with its callous at best attitude, I have found that many hobby subReddits are remarkably free of drama.  So, those pics will remain there.

Bringing me back to this blog are many other projects, including one that has been in the back of my mind for some time.  With this fine post on his blog, Prufrock outlines his plan for the upcoming Society of Ancients 2023 Battle Day - 2nd Mantinea, fought between Sparta and Thebes.  These fellows have been waiting in my Pile of Possibilities for some time:

Now, the Persians are going to have to watch this battle from the sidelines, but the Greeks and especially the Spartans are right on target.  And Xyston figures are wonderful.

With the issue of figures, scenario, and a deadline solved, the next hurdle is a set of rules.


24 July 2021

Micro-scale projects, part 1

 This month's special focus was to be about 1/300 or 6mm stuff that is in the hobby mountain.  I have not been able to get too much done but here are a few of them:


Waiting for primer - some large tanks for OGRE, a platoon or so of M3 Lee tanks from GHQ, and some GHQ infantry amongst other stuff.


05 July 2021

Aircraft project, part 1

 This post was behind schedule - June was the month for my aircraft project, one of my rotating series of other games vying for my attention...

First up is Aeronautica Imperialis, the new game from GW with Warhammer 40K aircraft.  These planes are not too large, definitely not to scale with the 28mm 40K figures.  They are a bit expensive, especially for larger planes than shown above, but few are needed.  The kits themselves are very nice with plenty of options for assembly.

Part 2 of the aircraft project started with these fine models.  I picked this box up on eBay, with a surprise within:

The kit was advertised as having three kits within the box.  Upon arrival, I discovered that there are SIX planes in the box - 4 fighters and 2 attack planes.

Of course, an opposition force is needed:

And gets an ungainly start with the Airacobra!  Fortunately more, and better, planes are to come.


02 July 2021

Painting table, July 2021 - and back again, hopefully

 At the risk of seeming to be a broken record, I am going to try and get the habit of blogging back into gear again.  But first, here is a pic:

Lots going on there, which I will try to explain in due course.

A plan has been crafted that should see progress across a variety of projects while not making those projects seem too much of a struggle.  In simple terms, each month will see a project make a guest appearance to the table - similar to those TV drama series with a core cast of actors and guests every week.  Right now, my GW Age of Sigmar and 40K projects are at the core, with other projects making occasional appearances.  I will make it obvious in the title of the post if GW figures are at the fore - some folks might not want to partake of that and it is fine; just come back next time!

I am feeling good about my hobby again, and hopefully I can make it last with measured (even if small) progress.

Again, my apologies to those bloggers that I have missed throughout this spring/summer.  I think that I am back on track with online notices although I still get behind and delete notifications out of frustration.


20 February 2021

Scots, part 6

 Another addition to the Islemen contingent - these were finished some time ago:

Originally produced by Claymore Castings, now available from Antediluvan.