19 May 2018

Scots, part 4

More progress:

The tufts have landed!  The tufts are Gamer's Grass brand; I believe that I purchased these from GC Mini.  

After the glue dries - I secured the tufts to the bases with Matt Medium - the last step can be completed and that is to clean up the base edges.  Then, finally, they will be done.


06 May 2018

Scots, part 3

With this post, I bring to you a project that was originally featured on a separate blog that was disbanded long ago.  The posts and pics from the discarded blog are here now, so one could look at previous work on these miniatures by clicking on one of the labels listed on the right or at the end of this post.

Slow, slow progress... the first two stands of Islemen for my medieval project:

These miniatures were originally produced by Claymore Castings, but are now available from Antediluvian Miniatures.  The bases are not quite complete, as I have some tufts waiting to be placed.  From looking at the pics, I can see that I need to work on my skin colors a bit!


29 April 2018

Painting table, April 2018

A quick pic to help reinforce the blog posting habit:

There is an assortment of projects pictured here.  The fellows with the axes on square bases are Islemen from Claymore Castings (now available from Antediluvian Miniatures), with Footsore bondi on their left.  More Scots on the far left, with some ogres (the whitish lumps) and an OGRE (from Steve Jackson Games) in black.  Also shown are some Crann Tara WAS French musketeers and some Iron Duke Miniatures rebel Indian Mutiny infantry.

Lots of projects, and not all are shown!


22 April 2018


( Apologies for the repeated post - time constraints and all ( this is copied from my naval blog ) )

A bit too long of a break between posts!  Even so, I will keep this one brief.

Many things are happening here, both hobby-wise and other-wise.  I am still struggling to shake off the lethargy that descended many months ago, but I am picking up more steam as I go.  There are old projects that will be revisited, and a new project or two that have suddenly sprung forth.  Once I get my photo editing woes out of the way, there will be more posts.  I just need to make it a habit once again...

And, my apologies to those who have blogs - I have been a very infrequent reader of even the blogs I enjoy, and a much less frequent commentator.  I hope to rectify this also.


01 October 2017

Painting table, October 2017

Seems just yesterday was the middle of June... time flies!  Here is a pic of what is occupying my table at the moment:

Infinity Nomads are slowly being assembled, still; the first group of Huaxtec are getting closer to completion with some basic shield work; an old project has been dusted off - Claymore Castings Scots; some Crann Tara 18th century figures; a 1/1200 Langton Anglo-Dutch vessel along with a 1/1200 Thoroughbred Figures CSS Arkansas; and a bit more progress on the Renault FT tanks for my SCW Republicans.

On a different note:

Fifteen years ago this past September 29 was the first time I met my lovely wife in person.  I took a bit of time to revisit those memories - first at a local Starbucks, then a walk up and down Alki Beach here in Seattle; here is a pic of the area:

This is the view from the western end of the beach, looking east.  Downtown Seattle, with the exception of the Space Needle, is hidden behind Duwamish Head (the green bit on the right).  The tide is in, just as it was fifteen years ago, but the weather was not this nice then.