24 November 2012

Tékumel artwork Kickstarter...

Jeff Dee is revisiting his original artwork for the first of the Tékumel rulebooks, TSR's Empire of the Petal Throne, and has a Kickstarter campaign to support it ( right here ).

This is just a simple plug for the work - if you are interested have a look-see!  Eight days are left on the Kickstarter, and the original goal has been doubled.


18 November 2012

Sérudla, part 1

In my last order from The Tékumel Club, Howard sent out some samples of a great new miniature that will be coming out for the Club sometime soon - Sérudla!

Not very small though, but I forgot to take a pic with a human-sized miniature for scale - next time!  It is a bit hard to see the detail of the white plastic material, but a nice paint-job will alleviate that...

And the left side.  These have been produced by 3-d production techniques.  The material is very light-weight and reasonably strong, except for the thinner pieces such as the spines on the back which require some delicate handling.

Sérudla are an uncommon beast on Tékumel, and are trained and equipped for battle only by the Ghatóni, an ally of the Yán Kór alliance fighting against the Petal Throne.  As such, they represent the first on my opposing forces to the troops of the Petal Throne that I have collected already.  I might wait to finish these beasties off until later, when Ghatóni miniatures are available as well.


12 November 2012

A few Tékumel miniatures...

Only brand-new to me, some of these have been out for a while:

Princess Vrísa Vishétru (L), and Lady Mríssa (R)

Princess Vrísa Vishétru of Saá Allaqi is one of the notable characters of the great force opposed to the blue-armored legions of the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa is the leader of The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, a unit of medium infantry for the Petal Throne.  Lady Mríssa's shield is on it's side and when properly held would be rotated clockwise.

Prince Eselne (L) and Hláka messenger (R)

 This is the 'Imperial Messenger' vignette from The Tékumel Club offerings.  Prince Eselne is one of the many offspring of the Emperor on the Petal Throne.  Hláka are a small, winged sentient being, with three eyes and fur.

Hláka leader

Another Hláka, this one is the leader of a warband.  Hláka are often used as scouts as their skittish nature does not lend well to close combat, but they can and will use missile weapons - typically javelins - on their opponents from the air.


07 November 2012

A little more...

Let's hope I stick to it a little longer this time!

Once again work and other distractions have overwhelmed me, but I have just received two boxes of Tékumel goodies and will endeavor to post pics ASAP... once I find the camera, and clear off the desk, and find some time, and..............  :)