24 September 2011

Trees, part 2

Continuing the slow progress routine:

Some of my first trees, specifically for Tékumel, with an Ever Present Glory trooper for scale.  The trunks need to be coated, the tops need flock, and then basing.


21 September 2011

A bit of clean-up

AS there is not too much going on at the hobby table at the moment except indecision, my thoughts are turning towards changing around the look of the blog.  Blogger is quite different now, with many new options that are readily available to the casual user.  Now it will not be like the last time I tried to change the look here - no huge swaths of red!

Also, I seem to have picked up an invite to Google+.  Is there anything there that could tempt a tabletop gamer like myself (I do not RP much anymore, never got past the hack&slash part...)


09 September 2011

A new book

Well, new for my library!

I was able to pick this up for $8 recently.  It has some great reviews and the price was right.  I intend to read through it with an eye for converting it to a more Tékumel-style game, but it could be useful for the oft-threatened ancients project...


05 September 2011

Tékumel naval, part 5

A little bit of progress here with my first Tékumel-style naval vessel:

The original mini is a Xyston Hellenistic Quinquireme, which can be seen in its original form here.  In its Tékumel form, it shall be a Tsolyáni Qél.  I have changed around the deck somewhat as compared to the original, and readers of long standing will also notice that yet again I have changed my mind about the masts!!!    The base is a piece of 3mm thick plywood, 80mm by 40mm, from Litko.  

It is not quite completely assembled, as evidenced by the parts alongside the base, but it is really coming together this time and I am satisfied with my plan for the ultimate form.