08 July 2009

Old format

Hmmm, back to the old format!


04 July 2009

New format

Things have changed a bit - is it better or worse?

I was trying for a bit of Mu'ugalavyá (the 'Red Hats' of Tékumel) but is it still readable?


03 July 2009

The 6mm Distraction, part 2

I'm slowly getting more done with these new minis. So far, I really like these new toys, a lot. So much, my thoughts are racing with new ideas and projects. Of course, most of those will never see the light of day - I need to get these first steps done first!

As a reminder, here is what I started with:

Macedonian phalangites.

Here is what they look like now:

I trimmed down the shields, making them much more oblong, and added long spears made from 0.5mm diameter plastic rod. My original post on making spears from plastic rod is here.

Another pic, with a different background:

Looking pretty nifty so far. I do still wonder if those plastic spears will hold up to rigorous handling...

I also added a plume to the back of the helmet:

The plumes are made from the same plastic rod as the spears, with the exception of the trooper on the far left - that plume was made with a small chunk of a Baccus ashigaru's yari. I think that I will save the metal pieces for the unit standards, which will need to be longer and more flexible.

Hopefully, these 6mm conversions will look something like this:

The paint will be the final arbiter in this, but so far they look remarkably similar.