30 May 2015

Table, and Mesoamerican sources part 1

To start off, here is a pic of the table's current state:

It is a bit of a mess at the moment.  That will be corrected, maybe even this week-end!

I have been going through the various bits of printed source and gaming material that I possess with regards to the Mesoamerican project.  Some of them are listed amongst my books here.  After some digging, and one new purchase, I have some more:

This is my most recent purchase.  I have yet to dig into it, but the theme is intriguing, as it was the use of allied natives that was the key to the success of the conquistadors in their battles against the Aztecs and other peoples.

And now, for some older material:

One of the handful of issues of Wargames Illustrated that I have kept around, this has the first part of a campaign for conquistadors in the New World.

The big problem is that I do not have a copy of the issue that contains the 2nd part of the series...  Still, it will be very handy as the miniatures finally get painted.

And another:

WI 170 has this article:

More gaming goodness, and I think that at least one of my WI back issues has the old Wargames Foundry catalog pages with pics of all of their Aztec line, with most if not all of them painted.


29 May 2015

Back again

Unfortunately, things have been rather quiet here at the hobby table.  Very little paint has been spread over primer, although I feel that is soon to be ending.  I have encountered a few stumbling blocks with regards to current projects, and they have led me to do some considerations as far as my projects go.

1st point  -  Old projects need to be cleared out, mostly for the need of funding for the remainders!  I have a lot of stuff, mostly the typical 'oh shiny' purchases and projects that were abandoned along the way.  These range from sci-fi to fantasy to historical themes and include books, rules, and miniatures, and some of this stuff dates back 30-odd years.  I intend to post them here first, prior to listing them at various gaming websites.  Stay tuned!

2nd point  -  The two big projects, namely Tékumel and Mesoamerican, are here to stay even though little or no progress is being made currently.  What is needed for each of these projects is a comprehensive shopping list; this has been done with Tékumel - see my Thámerü posts - and is being worked up for the Mesoamerican forces.  Then, I need to stay with that list.  Rules are included with this point, and I am edging towards the more simple variety.

3rd point  -  The unfortunate downside (what?!) of all of this downtime is the wandering that my mind has done to conjure up another project.  Hey, my lovely wife says I can have three projects and I am taking full advantage of that statement!  Currently, it is in the research/book-buying stage, and I am angling this project to be compatible with one of the big projects listed above, although that might create yet another headache of sorts.  More on this later.

4th point  -  It was something that I had meant to do for a long time, and back on the Ides of March I finally took a membership to the Society of Ancients, with my first copy of The Slingshot being Number 299.  So far, the articles are good and the discount on orders will be useful in the upcoming months.  I do need to remember and get set up for the forum.

Now, to find the camera and prep another post on the Mesoamerican project...