13 June 2006

Post-Enfilade part 2

Ramilles again...

These pics were taken at the lunch-time break. By this time the action was pretty hot along the length of the battlefield. Never did find out the outcome...

Also, a shot of one of the Roman Seas scenarios, presented by Eric Hotz:

Roman Seas won the Best of Show award for Enfilade '06


11 June 2006

Post-Enfilade part 1

We had a great time at Enfilade this year. It was a long day, having awoken at 0300 Saturday, driving down to the hotel, gaming all day, and making it back home at 0200 Sunday!

Here is a couple of pics of the huge Ramilles game, run by Ian Croxall with 28mm minis:

I am not too familiar with this battle... these pics are from near the center of the table at the start of the battle. The tables (around 30' long) were in a dog-leg shape, and these pics are from the bend in the map.

More later...


09 June 2006


Today is the start of Enfilade, the local minis convention. We (Feawin, Taeklonn, and myself) will be down there tomorrow. I will take the camera and get some shots. I am hoping to get some pics of the huge Ramilles and Little Big Horn games, but I am also hoping that I'll be too busy playing other games...