31 January 2010

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 6

This project has been sitting on the back burner for some time now, but definitely not forgotten:

You might notice that I have changed the basing from 7/8" round to 1" square. I have done this for a few reasons - the square basing fits in better with the square bases of my Warlord minis for skirmishing, and they will rank up much easier for mass battles (which I still want to do).

Here is another pic, with the command group added:

The first dozen or so of these minis are almost ready, they just need their bases finished and a clear-coat or three. But, of course, I am in the horns of a dilemma. The decision of what terrain style - temperate or arid - is going to decide what opponents I will procure for my Tsolyanu forces. I could go with a more arid climate, and use the excellent figures for the Yan Kor from Eureka, as seen here. I could use a temperate style, and then proxy some Mu'ugalavya minis while hoping and praying that The Tekumel Project will get to the Red Hats in the near future. Or, I could just pick something and not worry about Tekumeli 'canon' in regards to the terrain that these empires would fight over.


23 January 2010

The end of an empire...

The great plan has started, and in a grand way. I have started into motion a massive re-aligning of my projects - not just thinking, web surfing, and making notes - but a major change.

Almost three years ago, I was given the core of my Warhammer Empire army, the army box set that Taeklonn won in a raffle at his local GW shop. Add to that more gifts (more raffle prizes!) from my kids - Helblasters, Greatswords, many sprues of 5th edition spearmen and handgunners, and more. I think that I had over 2800pts, of which I had only purchased 6 minis: 1 box of metal Greatswords command, and 1 warrior priest for a total of $30.

Before the Empire project, the Tau had a place at my painting table. Fire Warriors, Crisis suits, a Broadside, a Hammerhead tank, Catachan Imperial Guard converted to gue'vasa, lots of drones.

Out of all of these minis, only the six Tau Stealth suits were completed.

So I made the decision to give these minis away - the Empire troops went back to Taeklonn, as he is the one that won them in the first place. And the Tau were given to Vahll, as in my collection were the remnants of his beginning 40K collection.

Partially painted minis, sprues, bitz, and books - now off to a better home.

I am a little sad that they are gone, but I know that my sons will get them into action.

I have to admit, though, that I did not give away all of my GW minis:

I have a few greenskins hidden about. Maybe someday...


10 January 2010

Old projects, part 1

The process of sifting through boxes of old minis has brought quite a few old projects to the light of day, so I thought that a few pics to keep a record of them were in order:

Ottoman Turks...

15mm Battle Honours (?), based for Napoleon's Battles, paper flag by Gary Leitzell - my first and only ready-to-go Napoleonics unit. I finished this some 13 years ago during a brief run-up for a group project to put a large quantity of Turks on the table. The project failed right as I received my order of more Battle Honours, Essex, and Jacobite minis. The painting scheme is from The Courier magazine, issues #68 and #69.

These and their unpainted brethren are: Keepers (although they will be used for 18th century battles, hopefully, but not anytime soon)


28mm Reaper Warlord - Still like these minis very much, even though the weapon proportions are a tad off (that is one thick and dull sword!) I have many of these, and Feawin has many Reaper Elves. We will not be using the Reaper rules, however; the mostly likely set is Song of Blades & Heroes.

Reptus and their Elven opposition: Keepers

Gear Krieg:

15mm - another project that got a late start and missed the local area's attention span. I am still fascinated with these minis although they are not nearly finished, but I don't really know what their future is. I do not like the standard rules for them from Dream Pod 9, and my collection is unbalanced - 9 US walkers many not assembled, 2 British walkers still in their package, and that curious vehicle in the first pic - that is my attempt to make a 'Spinner', a German armored car with a unique suspension almost like wheeled spider legs. The mini is a very old (and very dusty!) Battlefront Sdkfz 222 with the fender wells trimmed off, waiting for a new suspension... someday maybe, someday...

Status: Undecided


03 January 2010

15mm beginnings

Been puttering around with the minis today, not really doing an actual inventory - more like 'recon' work. I have found that I have quite a number of different eras represented by 15mm minis. Here is a partial list:

Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians
Saxons and Vikings
Late Medieval and Early Renaissance
18th century Ottomans and AWI
WW1 Belgians and British High Command
WW2 British, Germans
Modern-era militia (AK47 packs of some sort)
Sci-Fi plastic vehicles of several types

Some of these are represented by mere handfuls of minis. The Bronze Age collection totals 3 chariots, while the 20th century stuff is only a bit larger! I have a lot of Ottomans, the remnants of a project started 12 (?) years ago for a Napoleon's Battles Turk army - the others working on it bailed out right after I received my first order of minis... I have one unit of Janissaries painted and based around here someplace and that is the extent of progress that was ever made. I happen to like Turkish armies so they are keepers, the AWI and Naps will most likely go away.

The Saxons/Vikings/Medieval/Renaissance stuff is going to be rolled into fantasy armies in one way or another. I have dabbed a few of them with paints:

Essex Landsknechts, Saxons, a Viking, Hittite charioteers and a couple of Ral Partha orcs - very much works-in-progress although the Landsknechts are getting close.


02 January 2010

Another year!

A late Happy New Year to everybody!

I have been dreading the thought of a typical 'Resolutions' or 'Year-end Review' post since 2009 was one of almost zero wargaming output. Lots of half-baked projects and partially painted minis. I have been trying to solidify some project ideas together, and as usual I just keep digging up even more ancient projects - Gear Krieg, Heavy Gear, and MAATAC minis being just the latest. (When I say ancient I mean that these are projects started some 10+ years ago...)

It is time for me to buckle down and make progress on two fronts - selling/trading off the stuff I don't need and working up the stuff I do want to keep into meaningful, game-able items. Inventory time is here!