02 January 2010

Another year!

A late Happy New Year to everybody!

I have been dreading the thought of a typical 'Resolutions' or 'Year-end Review' post since 2009 was one of almost zero wargaming output. Lots of half-baked projects and partially painted minis. I have been trying to solidify some project ideas together, and as usual I just keep digging up even more ancient projects - Gear Krieg, Heavy Gear, and MAATAC minis being just the latest. (When I say ancient I mean that these are projects started some 10+ years ago...)

It is time for me to buckle down and make progress on two fronts - selling/trading off the stuff I don't need and working up the stuff I do want to keep into meaningful, game-able items. Inventory time is here!


1 comment:

  1. I know you read my posts on the last / new year but give my way a go:

    1) Split the figures into two - those you ARE going to complete and those you would like to.
    2) Put all the figures out of site
    3) Set your target based on those you want to do
    4) Come back after a period of time and decide to sell or keep the rest.

    Do not set the target too high - look what you have done in the first month (or how ever long you set in your mind) and base it on that result.

    Remember its a hobby - have fun :-)