22 May 2011

Hlutrgú, part 4

A little bit closer to completion, every week - here is a pic of the current look:

On the left, the mini has its second coat of neat Future. On the right, the mini has a coat of Pebeo matte finish on top of the Future - cuts the shine right down, although I appear to have missed a few spots. Also just visible on the right-hand mini is a mottled stripe pattern, although it seems to be just a bit light compared to the rest of the skin.

One more pic from the table:

The first set of shields for my Sérqu troops (and two for some dwarfs), coated in Reaper Master Paint brush-on primer.


08 May 2011


OK, it is time to stop and take stock of what is going on at the hobby table. I have to do this on occasion as I suffer greatly from 'oh-shiny'-itis and as my lovely wife says, I do need to keep to three projects in order to get anything done!

Top of the list, of course, is Tékumel. My Hlutrgú warband is nearing completion (pics soon!). Sérqu is next and the Qól after that. The big problem at this moment is getting organized and ordering all of the new stuff Howard has lined up for the Tékumel Club! I also have some recent additions (thanks Jeff!) to get into the painting queue as well. And, with almost enough minis finished for games, the need of proper terrain is rising.

Next - I want to set up several groups of minis for fantasy skirmish gaming a la Song of Blades & Heroes. SBH is a generic set, so almost anything goes. I see this project as a salve for my oh-shiny-itis, as I can purchase and paint small quantities of diverse minis and they will go together on the table. I envision mixing Landsknechts, Romans, Vikings, and Sumerians with dwarves, elves, Reptus, orcs, and maybe even *shudder* Tékumel...

Way in the distance, I am preparing for one more try at a historical project. 5th century BCE is leading the pack - Greeks and Persians. Mini selection is not a stumbling point here - lots of great minis out there - but the choice of appropriate rules is key for me and that might take a while. This is a project for the future, maybe even next year.