20 January 2012

Shén, part 1

Here are some pics of the recently released Shén for Tékumel:

Front and rear pics of the Shén Diplomat (left) and Merchant (right).  The Diplomat has an intricately detailed cloak of feathers, and both miniatures have great scale details.

Two Shén berzerkers.  Again, great detail on the scales and a large shield.  The sword is interesting in that it is rather slender.

A better shot of the shield and axe.


14 January 2012


The clearing of the table has been accomplished.  Here is what I was up against:

Quite the mess with several projects all mingling together.

The clean slate.

The table reloaded.

Regular readers will recognize some of the miniatures in the last pic, and there are some new additions that just came by - more on those in another post.


04 January 2012


My apologies to my readers as I have not posted for some time.  There is a shortage of 'sit at the painting table' inspiration here at the moment.  My dear wife suggested that I clear the table off completely, and begin anew with whatever piques my interest out of all of the minis that are just sitting around in boxes, just to get the juices flowing again.  I will post some pics later...