21 November 2015


Nothing too grand going on here at the moment - the hobby table has been quiet as I have been working a few too many hours in the past weeks.  I have been dabbling on some terrain items (finally!) but nothing is pic-worthy yet.

I have given some thought to condensing my blog footprint, and one more of my separate 'project' blogs is about to collapse.  Off and on, although more 'off', I have been working on some micro-scale miniatures over at Small Scale Stuff.  This morning, I have imported all of those posts into this blog, and soon the little blog will be deleted.  I will keep this blog running, of course, and two others, Mini Ship Gaming and Threwdish Ways, as they are large enough to continue on their own merits.  I might even post something to these two sometime...


14 November 2015

New books

New to me at least:

Found these at one of our local bookstores - Pegasus - and walked out with them for less than $10 total.  I have heard that Glen Cook is a good writer, and now (well, eventually!) I have a chance to find out for myself.


11 November 2015

Lest we forget...

It is Veteran's Day here in the US.

For those whom have already passed  -  my father (USN) and oldest brother (USANG), aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and beyond (USA, USN, USAAC/USAF) 

For those that are still here  -  my wife, sister (USAF), stepdaughter, stepson-in-law, stepson, nephew (USA), brother-in-law (USMC), cousins and aunts and uncles uncounted (all branches)

And, for those still serving - my youngest son, currently with the 101st Air Assault

You are remembered; thank you for your sacrifices 


08 November 2015

Huaxtecs, part 5

Slow progress to be sure, but the miniatures are starting to look good - here are some pics (possibly NSFW):

Here are some of the warriors wearing the tlahuiztli war suit, with 'hawk scratches' that are very characteristic of Huaxtec suit-wearers.  I have tried to introduce some variation in the fellows by having the hair and forehead feather fillet in different colors.  If I had thought more before starting, I would have switched some of the weapons around with some of the other figures, especially a maquahuitl or two.

Here are the other warriors, with a variety of weapons and tattoos.  

There are a lot of details that are not yet done, and the leader and his shamen are barely started, but it should not be too much longer...


01 November 2015

November table

Scottish schiltron spearmen in the foreground, backed by some Islemen.  Huaxtec on the right - some minor detail work finished.  Odds and sods on the left, with orcs, Shén, and my two new Frostgrave metal figures amongst others.