01 March 2008

More Empire troops

Once again, I have received another gift of Empire troops for my army. I'm not quite certain how Taeklonn came into possession of these sprues, but they are a most welcome addition.

In the box, there were two of these:

This is half of the Empire cannon box, meaning that it is not complete. However, I have a leftover cannon barrel, since I made a mortar with the cannon box that was a part of the Army set. One piece is missing - the trail. I think that I will make a four-wheeled cannon out of the bits on these new sprues.

I also received two of these:

This appears to be the command sprue from a 5th edition Warhammer box set. I do not think that the infantry command figures are quite complete; the arms on this sprue appear to be meant for knights. I should have enough bits to complete the minis though. This sprue does have a mounted figure, which I am going to use to make a mounted standard bearer - just need a spare horse!

Last but not least:

Six of these! These are great figures! The spearmen will be one of my large core units in my army. I like these minis much better than the ones I received in the Army box. Sure, they do not have the variety of poses available in the newer boxes, but they are beautiful minis. And they are not hunched over like the new ones!

The best part is the handgunners. I will try to post a comparison photo, showing these against the new handgunners, in the near future. These handgunners almost appear to have sprung forth from one of the Ospreys on landsknechts. My favorite is the gunner in the top left corner of the photo. All of them are great poses with great detail and much better proportions than the newer minis. I might even pull these out of the Empire army to be the nucleus of my historical Renaissance force.