26 July 2014

Slow July progress

Slow progress again on the monsters - my work schedule and the temp inside our place is making it a bit hard to sit down at the paint table for long...

I did get some paint onto the grinnlings.

16 July 2014

Carrying on...

The tanky bug continues to bite!

Decisions, though, need to be made.  And so, here goes:

Stay with MAATAC vehicles, add in some from other vendors to cover any holes in the line-up; i.e. infantry

Scenery?  Desert - practical as I already have a table covering

Rules?  This is the great unknown...  I prefer something with no markers or a bare minimum.  The rules do not need to be super-realistic, just entertaining!

Hmmm, easy enough.  Painted vehicles will need to go for a soak, and the unpainted stuff needs to come out from hiding for some primer.  I am already thinking of camo schemes for the various factions - Aquarians will be in a Caunter scheme, probably with blue included!

06 July 2014

Aztecs, part 2 + orcs?

Some small progress:

Aztec eagle suits, from Eureka.  For eagle suits, of all the different factions, I am going to stay with natural colors, i.e. browns of various sorts.  Some sources list eagle suits as being in the brighter colors, blue, red, etc. but I am choosing to ignore them!  Besides, there are plenty of brightly-hued suits in the armies...

Here is the start of the Huaxtec-style suits.  These suits will be brightly colored.  Also in the pic:  a pair of Old Glory orc archers!  On a whim, I started to work on their skin color, just as a change of pace, even though those conquistadors are patiently waiting...

Another little project:

Here are some examples of my attempt to organize my painting choices - file cards with details on units.  These are for my first Aztec suits; as I am not too particular about specific paint choices they are not listed here, but I can see that other units, my Tékumel and Half Continent units especially, will also list the specific brand and type of paint used.