26 July 2014

Slow July progress

Slow progress again on the monsters - my work schedule and the temp inside our place is making it a bit hard to sit down at the paint table for long...

I did get some paint onto the grinnlings.


  1. Great grinnlings- tell us a little more about the figures...

  2. Thank you!

    These 'grinnlings' are from Reaper Miniatures - the larger chaps on the left are 'Mites', and the smaller ones are 'Gremlins'. All are grinnlings to me!

  3. Great to see the mites in comparison. I have been working up two sets of the Bones goblins, but clearly need to get these.

    My son and I have hammered out rough, early rules for MBT. I'll send ideas, docs and pics if you want.

  4. Ettrick, I would be very interested in seeing your MBT work! I was just thinking recently about dusting this project off and getting on with it, so your info would be a great inspiration.