18 March 2006

... working...

I have dusted off the camera... here is a pic of my Tau stealth suits and a pic of the current condition of my work table

And, I forgot to post the link to http://www.renaissancewargamesociety.com


16 March 2006

Yeah yeah yeah


Some progress has actually been made here! The process of selling off my older minis has commenced, with my 1/600 ironclads being the first. I greatly enjoyed using these minis, but I had not used them in 3 years. It is my humble opinion that the buyer got a great deal, and I got some money to direct into other projects - a renewal of my RWS (Renaissance Wargame Society) membership and my first installment on my World of Warcraft subscription.

Yes, we have switched over to WoW from Everquest2. My girlfriend was becoming increasingly frustrated with the game, and the enjoyment was gone. So we fled, and we are glad. WoW is a pleasure to play, and the background music is great! I know that is a strange bonus but it does make a difference... even my kids have commented favorably on that aspect.

We have characters on these realms: Thorium Brotherhood and Feathermoon.