15 April 2015

The Mesoamerican situation

The wheels are slowly turning on this project.  Painting time has been hard to come by of late, but the outlook is improving!  I have been trying to organize the project in other ways, however, so the downtime is not without some benefit, if slight.

First off, I think that I have solved a basing problem involving single-based miniatures and my current preferred rules - Irregular Wars v2.0.  This ruleset uses element basing, but I want some flexibility so I am mounting my miniatures singly, and using movement trays from Warbases.  This will help with two points - firstly the basing is of course more versatile; and second is the issue of unit casualties in Irregular Wars, which uses 'Resolve' to track the ability of a given unit to fight.  I dislike using markers, but I can track the Resolve of most units by simply removing figures from the tray (or adding them back) as the Resolve number changes.  For example, a typical unit of foot has a Resolve of 4, which translates into 4 miniatures on a movement tray.  Simple, and should work although I am thinking that some sort of plug for the missing figures will look better on the tray as the unit loses Resolve.

I am also digging around for more resources for the project - web sites, books, magazine articles, etc.  My lovely wife has turned me to using Pinterest as a way to collate pictures from around the Web in support of the project, especially bird/feather colors.

More later!