27 September 2014

Prince of Skulls

For some time, I have been wanting a copy of the above-pictured novel, and for various reasons, from complacency to downright laziness, I have never succeeded.  Until yesterday, when my copy of Prince of Skulls by MAR Barker arrived.

Now, I have a complete set of the five published novels on the Tékumel genre!


23 September 2014

Just arrived...

The delivery person left this for me today:

Lion Rampant, the new medieval rules from Dan Mersey, published by Osprey.  I will try and have a good look at the book soon, but two things pop into my mind immediately:

First, I am not too sure about the smallish, perfect-bound format of the rules - I am just a Luddite I suppose!

Second, the urge to get my medieval project on the table again might lead to some unpleasant side effects - orcs versus Scots might be a possibility...


13 September 2014

Aztecs, part 3

A little bit more brush-time with the Meso-american project:

It might be a little hard to see, but the headdress feathers on these Eagle-suit wearers have been touched up slightly.

The Huaxtec-style suit wearers have received their base colors and a shadowing wash, prior to highlights.

More slow progress on the Spanish - lots more work to do!


04 September 2014

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, part 3

Just a very brief update:

The first element now has a layer of black gesso primer.  Now comes the hard part - actual painting!

There is an interesting color rendition (by Jeff Dee no less!) here at The Tékumel Project blog, and there is a concise entry about the Legion in the Tsolyánu army pamphlet.  The Legion is notable in its lack of blue in the uniform.  Reddish orange and white seem to be the main colors listed in the pamphlet; I intend to deviate somewhat from Mr. Dee's version and use the red-orange and blue for trim and white for the main color.  I do like the shield colors he used, and will shamelessly imitate them!