23 September 2014

Just arrived...

The delivery person left this for me today:

Lion Rampant, the new medieval rules from Dan Mersey, published by Osprey.  I will try and have a good look at the book soon, but two things pop into my mind immediately:

First, I am not too sure about the smallish, perfect-bound format of the rules - I am just a Luddite I suppose!

Second, the urge to get my medieval project on the table again might lead to some unpleasant side effects - orcs versus Scots might be a possibility...



  1. Awaiting mine ,hopefully it will be waiting for me when I return from work today.
    I am tempted to try it out with my Mythical Earth chaps as well as my medievals.
    I will be interested to hear what you think of the rules.

  2. It should not be difficult to modify the rules for fantasy, Alan.

    Hope your copy comes soon!