31 January 2009

Yet another change...

Hmmm, tis the season!

We (Feawin and I) made another change around this place - we have left Azeroth and migrated back to Norrath.  In simpler words, we have gone back to playing Everquest2 and have left World of Warcraft.  Why?  There were several reasons, but one of the main items was the continued slide of WoW towards what appears to be universal PvP (player vs. player) gaming.  If we wanted that, we would be playing first-person shooters!

Here is a screenshot of one of my characters:

That is 'Larousse', my Ratonga brigand, standing in the main square of Temple Street in Freeport.  His armor does not quite match, as I have yet to find replacements for his arm/hand protection.

And my numero uno:

'Gnisq', my gnomish conjuror, just outside the inn at Baubleshire in Qeynos.  He is observing his new conjured pet, a fire elemental.

We are enjoying the change in scenery.  My kids still play WoW, but I think that the change for us is permanent.


18 January 2009

News from Taeklonn - GT award

I just received an e-mail from my son (Taeklonn) - he won the Best Sportsman award at the Games Workshop GT at Conquest NW, here in Seattle! He used his Dwarf army, and received many boxes of Dwarf minis as a prize.

I am not certain, but I believe that the various award winners of official GW tournaments get pics in White Dwarf and on the website - I'll let you know if/when that happens... it would be the first White Dwarf that I have bought for years.


10 January 2009

The other blog, updated

I have posted a brief update on my other blog - here


04 January 2009

Drumbeat 2009

2009 has started off very well for me, as I was able to go to my first gaming excursion since mid-2006. Drumbeat is a small (one day) historical-mini-only get-together in Seattle organized by Dick Larsen. It is now in its third year, and looking good for next year. I counted about 50 gamers present yesterday and many great games.
Early action - two WAB games in 25mm and a Napoleonic battle (15mm).

Tactica2 - a huge set-up in 15mm; Romans are on the far side, facing an opponent from Asia Minor (sorry - I do not remember the actual army facing the Romans!)

Warhammer Ancients - table 1: Armies of Chivalry in action

Warhammer Ancients - table 2: a Punic War battle

DBA - do I see WWg?

DBA table 2: Paul Hannah on the attack

Another pic of the WAB Punic battle - the battle lines are closing, and the skirmishers are, well, skirmishing!

A close-up of the Asiatic's right flank at the Tactica2 battle

Field of Glory in 15mm - I have yet to play FoG, but from what I gathered from the players, that black marker is very bad news...

An unfortunately poor pic of Wes Roger's Napoleonic game (15mm) - French vs. Austrians I believe

One more pic of the WAB Punic battle These are pics from the morning games. I was actually hoping to get into a General Quarters 3 game, but the GM was running very late, so at about 11am or so Feawin and I decide to go have a leisurely lunch. This extended into some grocery shopping and we did not make it back until 1pm. Shortly after we returned, Mark Serafin arrived, having struggled with adversities (car trouble and a poorly running ferry system) to run his GQ3 game. Pics of that game are on my other blog - Mini Ship Gaming Other games in the afternoon included more Field of Glory, DBA (I saw at least 4 games of DBA running simultaneously), WAB, and a WW2 skirmish. I had a great time at Drumbeat, and will plan to be at the next. Many thanks are due to Dick Larsen for organizing these events, and thanks to all of the gamers that showed up to run and play games!