31 January 2009

Yet another change...

Hmmm, tis the season!

We (Feawin and I) made another change around this place - we have left Azeroth and migrated back to Norrath.  In simpler words, we have gone back to playing Everquest2 and have left World of Warcraft.  Why?  There were several reasons, but one of the main items was the continued slide of WoW towards what appears to be universal PvP (player vs. player) gaming.  If we wanted that, we would be playing first-person shooters!

Here is a screenshot of one of my characters:

That is 'Larousse', my Ratonga brigand, standing in the main square of Temple Street in Freeport.  His armor does not quite match, as I have yet to find replacements for his arm/hand protection.

And my numero uno:

'Gnisq', my gnomish conjuror, just outside the inn at Baubleshire in Qeynos.  He is observing his new conjured pet, a fire elemental.

We are enjoying the change in scenery.  My kids still play WoW, but I think that the change for us is permanent.


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