22 February 2015


Sometimes, one finds the unexpected during completely mundane actions...

My lovely wife and I were doing the usual shopping chores yesterday.  After finding a few necessaries at the downtown Seattle Bartell's (drugstore chain), we stumbled upon a most unique, and very inexpensive (only $3) find:

The Fremont Troll (Wiki article here) is a fixture of Seattle tourism, and a pretty nifty place to visit.  I had no idea that there was a Chia version!  Now, I am not interested in the Chia part, but the troll itself...

The seeds will be put away just in case of some future need.  The troll will make an excellent and unusual terrain piece.  It would be great for any scenarios based in Seattle - Shadowrun would be an obvious choice, as any modern or post-apocalyptic game set in Seattle.

I will be using my Troll for my fantasy games, including Tékumel.  Could it be the likeness of a deity, even, perhaps, She Who Must Not Be Named?  The VW in its left hand is a bit small for a tubecar, but it could be an air car of the Ancients with a bit of embellishment.

One last pic:

First pic of the Troll out of the box.  It is approximately 7" wide, 5" deep, and 4" tall, which scales very well with 25/28mm figures, and would be a major terrain feature for 15mm.  The clay structure might pose a problem for painting - I bet it is quite porous - and that hole in the top of the head will need to be plugged.

More pics later!


17 February 2015

Tékumel novel available again!

As per this note from The Tékumel Foundation, M.A.R. Barker's first novel, The Man of Gold, has been re-released in electronic formats:

 - Kindle

 - Nook

 - Kobo.

Base retail price is US$5.99.  Although I do not usually buy e-books, this will be a very definite exception!  (I use the free Kindle reader for PC)