29 April 2006

Tau sniper drones part 1

Here is a look at the box...

and the contents...

I was a bit surprised by the clam-shell packaging. Maybe it has just been so long since I had bought some new GW merchandise, but I was expecting the styrofoam dividers. Oh well; clam-shells are certainly cleaner and probably less expensive. But I will miss the ability to make ruins from the packaging...

Here is a pic of something I didn't want to find:

That is going to take some time to clean up, and it is right on some of the engraved detail of the shoulder pad.

(NOTE: That is not a rant against GW. When I start my historical projects, I will be just as quick to point out their flaws as well.)

Here is the rail rifle on the sniper drones:

Beautifully cast, as are the antennas and the drone controller...

This will be a fun addition to my Tau force; hopefully I will get it assembled and painted before the end of the year!!


25 April 2006

Well, that's not surprising...

On Monday Blogger has having fits, and the post I thought was lost has actually turned up... heheheh


Making progress


Lots of stuff happening...

Over at TMP several new blogs have started up, and they are looking good so far. Here are their links:




I'm also working on finishing off the Tau force. I have purchased what may be the last two items for the force - the new Sniper Drone box and the new Commander crisis suit. Hopefully I will take some work-in-progress pics of these cool new items as I progress them from box to completion. The drones are getting painted up - sloooowly, and I have contracted with No. 2 Son to finish my Fire Warriors and Kroot.


24 April 2006

I'm back

Well, I wasn't really gone but just busy...

More and more people are popping up with interesting blogs. Here are a couple from fellow TMP users:




I also have made some purchases for my Tau force - Sniper drones and the new Crisis suit Commander. I will post some pics in the near future.