10 March 2015

On the interesting pages that can be encountered on blogs

I have a large number - but by no means exhaustive - of blogs that I follow on Feedly.  I look at all of the posts, but I seldom linger for long, and it is a rare event that I leave a comment.  But, today, I saw a blog entry that deserved more notice.

Over at Tin Soldiering On, there is a post about the blog's author winning a mug in another blog's give-away.  Now, while it is a very nice mug, there is something that I found much more interesting in the foreground.  This object is a ruler, from the old wargaming magazine Savage & Soldier, edited and published by Lynn Bodin.

Mr. Bodin was a fixture in the Seattle-area historical miniatures gaming scene in the earlier days.  My association with him was limited, as at that time I started miniatures gaming (1980's) I was in Spokane, at the other side of Washington state.  I would occasionally make the trip to the wet side for gaming conventions, and that I where I met Mr. Bodin.  I remember chatting with him about miniatures while he was setting up his game - Colonials of course! - and I was setting up one of my own using the Seekrieg naval rules.  He left on me an impression of amicability and knowledge, and patience with a teen-aged gamer.

Not long after this, Mr. Bodin passed away, in 1989 if I remember correctly, far too early for such a gentleman.  He is not forgotten.