30 November 2013

Monsters, part 8

The slow rumble of progress continues...

The first finished monster of the project!

The base decoration is simple, deliberately so.  Just an assortment of model railroad-style stuff, with green flock added.  I think the rim of the base will be a close match to the tabletop.

Now, I just need to finish some human troops...

24 November 2013

Tékumel naval, part 10

Before I start to abuse more miniatures, maybe it would be nice to post some pics of the subjects before undergoing the knife:

This is a Langton deceres, which is destined to become a zírunel

Two pics of a goblin miniature, 15mm in size, that will supply the basis of a new prow for the zírunel.  At first glance, it does look a little large for a 1/1200 ship, but I intend to blend the head into the ship structure somewhat.  Hopefully the conversion will look something close to OK once the knife is set down!

Also up for consideration are a few more add-ons, such as towers, and a decision on nationality - is this a Tsolyáni vessel, or is it Mu'ugalavyáni?  Blue, or red?


17 November 2013

Lesquins, part 2

Just a small bit of progress; here is my first attempt at a scheme for the uniform colors:

Belts and straps will be black, I'm thinking, and the cuff trim and cravat might be red.  I am uncertain of the color for the pockets, and the leggings will be a cream color with red trim.

Hlutrgú and a Priest

These were finished at the same time as the Ever Present Glory troops, but only now are being photographed.  First up, a priest of Hrü'ü:

Very simple scheme compared to others.  I did not try to add lettering to the scroll - that might be a bit beyond my meager skills.  The face mask is pure speculation also.  This miniature, if I recall correctly, is from 1979!

And, two Hlutrgú:

The leader of the warband is on the left, with a shaman on the right.  The leader is wielding a weapon converted from a Sérqu trooper.  Just one more left to finish off the Hlutrgú warband.


10 November 2013

Head hunting?

Not much in the mood for painting lately, but I am finding something to occupy myself:

I am in the process of coming up with a plan for my 1/1200 ship miniatures, and the few modifications that I think would be needed to give them a bit of Tékumel flavoring.  If you look at this excellent post at Pagálnikèlikh gàQadóshumashumámrakoi, you will see some artwork that I find very interesting and I intend to shamelessly steal the inspiration for my own!

So, I am digging through some old miniatures, looking for heads and other bitz that I can use.  In the pic, above, you will see several different types of 15mm miniatures, fantasy and historical, that might be useful.  There are some 10mm figures around here as well.  Then, I will need to come up with a plan...


03 November 2013

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 15

It has been a long time; here is a finished result:

Three elements of finished troops!  That is not quite right... For the time being, these three elements will represent three cohorts, three separate units, of Tsolyáni heavy infantry, as my table space is limited.  In the future, I hope to have more room for a larger table, and then these three will be equal to one unit in a game.

Any way, these three are done.  More views:

And, a couple of pics on the future playing surface:

I am not sure why, but the color of the felt is grey in pics.  It definitely is not grey in person, but more of a light tan.  The felt and the base edges are much closer in color than it appears above.  The bases might have come out with a little too much green flock on them, and the mix might change for the following elements.

This marks a turning point in this project.  For so long, I was not certain of the basing scheme, but I have settled on one I like (those are 60mm squares), and everything will be based around that idea.  Also, these were the easy ones.  The only work for these elements involved re-basing painted miniatures.  The rest of the troops are not finished, and progress is going to slow down.  More miniatures are waiting for completion:  three more elements of Ever Present Glory troops - archers; three elements from the Legion of Sérqu - more heavy troops; and three elements of Ahoggyá.

Then, of course, I will need some opposing forces...