24 November 2013

Tékumel naval, part 10

Before I start to abuse more miniatures, maybe it would be nice to post some pics of the subjects before undergoing the knife:

This is a Langton deceres, which is destined to become a zírunel

Two pics of a goblin miniature, 15mm in size, that will supply the basis of a new prow for the zírunel.  At first glance, it does look a little large for a 1/1200 ship, but I intend to blend the head into the ship structure somewhat.  Hopefully the conversion will look something close to OK once the knife is set down!

Also up for consideration are a few more add-ons, such as towers, and a decision on nationality - is this a Tsolyáni vessel, or is it Mu'ugalavyáni?  Blue, or red?



  1. A fo'c'scle tower might help blend the goblin head in with the prow?

    My own (personal and non-canonical) take on Tekumelani vessels is that Mu'ugalavyani warships tend to be more streamlined and manoeuvrable than Tsolyani ships which are more ponderous and chock full of marines. But then zirunelyal of all nations are going to be somewhat heavy and cumbersome, so your conversion could wear any flag you like. Either way I am looking forward to seeing the result!

  2. I had not quite thought about fleet compositions in that way, but maybe I should!