23 November 2014

Huaxtecs, part 2

Some small progress on my Meso-American project - here are the Huaxtecs, among others:

Shown here with some Scots, Aztecs, and a few fantasy figures, the Huaxtecs are getting their base flesh color - I am using P3 Khardic Flesh.

Here is a closer pic - may be slightly NSFW:

All of the Huaxtec warriors are mounted onto 25mm round bases from Warbases.

Here is a pic with some flesh shading experimentation:

It is not a very good pic unfortunately  -  it shows the neat Khardic Flesh base on the right, and on the left is the aftermath of a heavy wash of P3 Idrian Flesh over the Khardic base.  P3 paints are on the satin side, which is not a bad thing but my picture taking skills just are not showing the contrast.


12 October 2014

The table, and other stuff

Nothing much going on here hobby-wise, especially as work has been a bit crazy.  I did take the time to clear off the table:

The table, before

The table, after

Cleared off and re-organized a bit.  I am wanting to start up another 'build' round, where I clean, assemble, and prime miniatures, as I have the Huaxtecs and Islemen patiently waiting.  Nothing is going to happen with those two groups until my recent base order comes in, however!  I was experimenting briefly with some trays I received from Warbases, hoping that my steel washers would fit into them, but the washers are just too large and I have little inclination to modify either the trays or the washers to suit.  So, a small order of bases, and a couple of trays, has been made and they will appear soon.

Now, if that was not enough, this appears:

Over at Grimsby Wargaming, Paul posted a brief review of this book.  I was intrigued, but it was the finding of the above-pictured book at a local used bookstore (a hardback 1st ed for only $6.50) that has set some more gears grinding - another project, yes quite probably!  But, most likely it will take the place of my Scots project - I might be able to morph both of them together, if I am careful, and maybe I am just more comfortable with a fantasy setting than a historical setting where I might be put under a microscope for 'accuracy'.  My lovely wife - the one that found the book at the store - is comfortable with either route which is always a good thing!


04 October 2014

Huaxtecs, part 1

After a hiatus of about 6 years, I have made a purchase off of eBay:

And an impressive purchase it is:  Xachoti's Huaxtec Warband, from the skilled sculptings of Steve Saleh and his Lucid Eye range, which, sadly seems to have gone quiet recently.

The warband is a group of 24 miniatures - one leader and a random assortment of others in the range.  The variety is quite good, with 7 different sculpts along with the leader, and a nice mix of weapons.

The castings, with the exception of one, are fairly free from flash and are well-cast.  I will say that for the most part these chaps are bent over a bit, as readying a final blow to a downed opponent.

The close-ups show the detail, especially in the faces.  Surprisingly, a few remind me of Celts with their upswept hair!

By comparison, they should mix well with my Eureka miniatures, although the Lucid Eye miniatures will be a bit taller - in the pic above the Eureka miniatures are mounted on washers.

I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these fellows!


27 September 2014

Prince of Skulls

For some time, I have been wanting a copy of the above-pictured novel, and for various reasons, from complacency to downright laziness, I have never succeeded.  Until yesterday, when my copy of Prince of Skulls by MAR Barker arrived.

Now, I have a complete set of the five published novels on the Tékumel genre!


23 September 2014

Just arrived...

The delivery person left this for me today:

Lion Rampant, the new medieval rules from Dan Mersey, published by Osprey.  I will try and have a good look at the book soon, but two things pop into my mind immediately:

First, I am not too sure about the smallish, perfect-bound format of the rules - I am just a Luddite I suppose!

Second, the urge to get my medieval project on the table again might lead to some unpleasant side effects - orcs versus Scots might be a possibility...


13 September 2014

Aztecs, part 3

A little bit more brush-time with the Meso-american project:

It might be a little hard to see, but the headdress feathers on these Eagle-suit wearers have been touched up slightly.

The Huaxtec-style suit wearers have received their base colors and a shadowing wash, prior to highlights.

More slow progress on the Spanish - lots more work to do!


04 September 2014

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, part 3

Just a very brief update:

The first element now has a layer of black gesso primer.  Now comes the hard part - actual painting!

There is an interesting color rendition (by Jeff Dee no less!) here at The Tékumel Project blog, and there is a concise entry about the Legion in the Tsolyánu army pamphlet.  The Legion is notable in its lack of blue in the uniform.  Reddish orange and white seem to be the main colors listed in the pamphlet; I intend to deviate somewhat from Mr. Dee's version and use the red-orange and blue for trim and white for the main color.  I do like the shield colors he used, and will shamelessly imitate them!


30 August 2014

New books

A few new books occupy my shelves, new to me at least:

The newest one of the lot.  I picked this up on the recommendations of a person posting on The Wargames Website, a new forum/news source that started up recently.  There is an article in WS&S 70 about converting these from Dark Ages to Ancients - from there it should not be too hard to slot them into use for Tékumel battles!

An addition to my small set of Meso-American books:

This should be good for some background reading and illustrations.

And, two interesting prospects for new projects:

The first is an overview of the Punic Wars, and the second details the border conflicts of the Scots.  I see both of these eras as potential gaming projects, although the current CFO - my lovely wife - is most interested in the Scots.  It is kind of a win-win situation for me as either one is great!  This will not see much work until the Meso-American project gains more traction...


25 August 2014

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, part 2

It is still a little warm in my hobby corner, but that did not stop me from doing a little something:

The first set of Lady Mríssa's legion has been cleaned up and ready for primer.  This is the command element, led by Lady Mríssa herself (in the large headdress).  An officer, musician, standard bearer, and one trooper round out the element.  I think that I will try using black gesso as primer on these miniatures - it seems to be working well for the Aztecs.

In the pic above, Lady Mríssa's troops are posed next to my archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory.  Both represent one element, but there are differing amount of miniatures used.  Lady Mríssa's legion is rated as medium infantry, while the archers are still rated as heavy infantry.  For my purposes, heavy infantry will have six miniatures per element, while medium infantry will have five.  It is a satisfying mnemonic for me - just glance at the element and know what it is without looking at the rules or a roster.


17 August 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 17

The slightly cooler temps of late have seen me return to the painting table, if briefly:

These are the archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory.  After a base coat of Ceramcoat Ocean Reef Blue, they received a heavy wash of dilute Ceramcoat Phthalo Blue, then the flesh parts were picked out with Reaper Master Series Tanned Flesh.  They are looking a bit messy at the moment, but slowly they will look better as I pick out the details.


26 July 2014

Slow July progress

Slow progress again on the monsters - my work schedule and the temp inside our place is making it a bit hard to sit down at the paint table for long...

I did get some paint onto the grinnlings.

16 July 2014

Carrying on...

The tanky bug continues to bite!

Decisions, though, need to be made.  And so, here goes:

Stay with MAATAC vehicles, add in some from other vendors to cover any holes in the line-up; i.e. infantry

Scenery?  Desert - practical as I already have a table covering

Rules?  This is the great unknown...  I prefer something with no markers or a bare minimum.  The rules do not need to be super-realistic, just entertaining!

Hmmm, easy enough.  Painted vehicles will need to go for a soak, and the unpainted stuff needs to come out from hiding for some primer.  I am already thinking of camo schemes for the various factions - Aquarians will be in a Caunter scheme, probably with blue included!

06 July 2014

Aztecs, part 2 + orcs?

Some small progress:

Aztec eagle suits, from Eureka.  For eagle suits, of all the different factions, I am going to stay with natural colors, i.e. browns of various sorts.  Some sources list eagle suits as being in the brighter colors, blue, red, etc. but I am choosing to ignore them!  Besides, there are plenty of brightly-hued suits in the armies...

Here is the start of the Huaxtec-style suits.  These suits will be brightly colored.  Also in the pic:  a pair of Old Glory orc archers!  On a whim, I started to work on their skin color, just as a change of pace, even though those conquistadors are patiently waiting...

Another little project:

Here are some examples of my attempt to organize my painting choices - file cards with details on units.  These are for my first Aztec suits; as I am not too particular about specific paint choices they are not listed here, but I can see that other units, my Tékumel and Half Continent units especially, will also list the specific brand and type of paint used.


30 June 2014

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 16

This is the next element of my Tsolyáni army:

Archers of the First Legion of Ever Present Glory 

These miniatures are only primed.  The lighter pair have been primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer.  After using the product on a few miniatures, I am not very happy with the results, as the finish seems to be very 'slippery' and does not take paint well.  It would not surprise me if I am doing it wrong, but there you go.

The other four have been primed with Liquitex Neutral Grey Gesso.  I have used black gesso on other miniatures in the past, but I have not tried it on my Tsolyáni troops as I am hoping that the lighter primer will help with making the colors of the Tékumel troops that much brighter in turn.  The grey gesso, though, seems to have a shiny finish, and it will be interesting to see how paint goes on to it.

I might just go to using black gesso as a primer for everything, depending on how my Aztecs look...


28 June 2014

The table as it were...

Just a brief post - what is on the painting table this Saturday?

In front are the Aztecs and conquistadors, Boschenberg musketeers, and nasty baskets (err, monsters)!  Also shown:  my next unit for the Tsolyáni forces, and more musketeers.

Not shown:  one of my week-end tasks is to go through and sort out a bunch of old paintbrushes, looking for those that are still usable. 

(And, this is post #300... )


14 June 2014

Work in progress

Just a quick pic from the desk:

The big basket on the right, some Boschenberg troops in the center, and other miniatures patiently waiting......

30 May 2014

Direction, and plans

After a bit of a painting session last night, I realized that I needed to review exactly what I am doing with this project.  Shiny new projects have been a bit of a distraction, especially in the manner of other horse-and-musket genres.  But, I think that the Half-Continent is going to see some more work regardless!

Two items need to be sorted soon.  First, basing.  Currently I am mounting my miniatures singly on 3/4" washers.  This could be a problem, as the washers might not fit into existing sabot basing, and I do not really want to make my own.  So, in conjunction with another project, I ordered a small tester of bases from Warbases, just to see how their products look.  I have a good amount of Litko bases, but I found that the products from Warbases were less expensive, even with shipping, for similar products.  If the quality is similar or better, I can see more coming in from Warbases - this small order should be in soon.

Second, rules.  In conjunction with the basing above, I need rules for both skirmish and mass battles.  I am fairly familiar with the skirmish side - there are some from Ganesha Games that would work (Song of Blades & Heroes, Song of Drums & Shakos), Sharp Practice (TFL) might be good as well, among others.  I am not so sure about bigger battle rules, where the typical unit is a battalion.  I would like to keep the figure ratio to about 1:20... Still searching so stay tuned.

I'll have some pics up on the week-end - the big basket is nearly done!

17 May 2014

Tékumel naval, part 12

Another 'for posterity's sake' pic, to remind me of exactly what sort of damage I did to a miniature (!):

This is the Langton Octeres, just prior to having the bow hacked and slashed.  This ship will be receiving the goblin's head, and a new ram...


04 May 2014

Monsters, part 10

Slow, slow progress - a bit of ink added to the big guy...

Sorry, the pic is a bit blurry!

Ahoggyá, part 9

Finally, these are done!

Well, almost.  I see a spot or two of touch-up is needed, and the grey one might need a bit more matte varnish.

I tried to make the base a bit less green this time, as compared to the Ever Present Glory troops:

Partly by design, and partly by the difficulty of getting the adhesive under all of those legs, I think I succeeded.

Another angle:

Right rear flank.  This pic shows the shield design a bit better.  The halberds have a variety of symbols on them; they are mostly random, with the exception of the grey one - I tried to represent the circle of eight which IIRC is symbolic of the Ahoggyá reproductive ceremony.

One last pic:

Rear angle.  Much earlier in the process, I lamented about how I made a mistake when gluing the loose shields onto the left arms of the Ahoggyá, and this shows the problem quite clearly.  The shield face is pointing down, making it difficult to see while playing.

This is number 4 of approximately 27 elements I need for my Tsolyáni army in the Thámerü scenario...


06 April 2014

Ahoggyá, part 8

Painting is just about complete on my first element of Ahoggyá:

These are painted to represent the Legion of Gurúggma, 3rd Imperial Ahoggyá Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (say that 3 times fast!!).

And, now to base them up:

All of those arms and legs will make it a bit tricky; I plan to place one figure on the base at a time.


05 April 2014

An unexpected 'First'

There is a first time for everything!

I have been working with miniatures for a while, since the 80's, and I have never had this happen to me, until now:

My tube of super glue has run dry!  Typically, I replace them after the tip is so plugged up that they are not usable, or the glue inside has cured due to a leak.  But not this time!  And, it lasted a long time - this tube was opened at least 4 years ago...


02 April 2014

Aztecs, part 1

The first of my Aztecs have been prepped for priming:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT07, Eagle knights.  Not shown are the shields, which I try to leave off of miniatures, as it is easier to paint with them separate.  These are nice miniatures, if maybe a bit flat although the poses are most likely the culprit.  One word of caution - Eureka uses a soft, bendy metal and thin pieces can flex a lot.  I have put super glue on the handles of the macuahuitls (the 'cricket bat'-looking weapon) as they bent somewhat during their journey to my table.  They did not break, however.

And, the second set:

This is Eureka Miniatures pack 100AZT12, Huaxtec suit wearers.  In my original post, I stated that these were Huaxtecs, another Mesoamerican tribe.  They are not - these represent Aztecs wearing a Huaxtec-style suit, sort of similar to imitation Legionaires!  Huaxtecs were not considered a big threat by the Aztecs at the time of the Conquest, but once they were ferocious (and more numerous).  The problem with the bendy metal is not so obvious with the Huaxtec suit wearers, as the macuahuitl-wielding hand of the middle two miniatures in the above pic are a separate piece from the rest of the miniature.

Although it might seem daunting, I am looking forward to trying my hand at painting these chaps up!


27 March 2014

Dipping the toe into another era...

For a long time, I have thought about starting one last project, one that was historical in nature.  After a lot of mental wandering, and some input from my lovely wife, the solution might be at hand:

Mesoamerica is an interesting place in the 15-17th centuries.  Colorful, and yet brutal as well.  Conquistadors, Aztecs, and other smaller nations lend a lot of gaming potential, and it really was not a complete walk in the park for the Spanish...

This era has a lot to offer to me; the historical aspect is fairly well covered, and yet there is a lot that is not known about the period, especially between the native nations, that can make for interesting gaming.  There is a good selection of miniatures, in 15mm and 28mm sizes.  And, my lovely wife is interested in the period!

Of course, I did not stop with a couple of books:

These are some of the selections found at Eureka Miniatures USA.  All of these are 28mm.  On the top row are some Aztec Eagle Knights; center row is composed of sword and buckler Spanish; and on the bottom row - Huaxtecs.


Monsters, part 9

Another brief post, with a pic even:

The first dabs of paint on that huge Reaper miniature I purchased some time ago...

22 March 2014

Ruins of Thámerü, part 2

The Tsolyáni forces for my scenario are a bit easier to calculate.  First, here is the original Order of Battle:

Heavy Infantry

900 from the Legion of Hnálla, 4th Imperial Heavy Infantry
600 from the Legion of Gurúggmu, 3rd Imperial Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (Ahoggyá)
1000 from the Legion of The Splendour of Shényu, 4th Imperial Auxiliary Heavy Infantry (Shén)
2000 from the Legion of Mirkitáni, 7th Imperial Heavy Infantry

Medium Infantry

1000 from the Legion of Tik-newk-ket, 1st Imperial Auxiliary Medium Infantry (Pé Chói)
2000 from the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation, 18th Imperial Medium Infantry

Light Infantry

1000 from the Legion of The Joyful Clan of Vrayani, 3rd Imperial Slingers
900 from the Legion of Aerial Joy, 9th Imperial (Hláka)


400 from the Legion of Girikteshmu, 23rd Imperial Archers


75 medium and 20 light ballista from the Legion of Mengano the Jakallan


3000 locally-recruited peasants

Not quite as much shuffling was needed to revise this group:

2000 heavy infantry (with 500 archers) from the Legion of Sérqu
2000 heavy infantry (with 500 archers) from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory
500 heavy infantry from the Legion of Gurúggmu (Ahoggyá)
1000 heavy infantry from the Legion of The City of Chri (Shén)

1500 medium infantry from the Aridani Legion of Lady Mríssa
1500 medium from the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation

1000 light infantry from the Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle (slingers)
1000 light infantry from the Legion of Aerial Joy (Hláka)

75 medium ballista from the Legion of Mengano the Jakallan

3000 peasant rabble

Most notable in their absence are the archers of Girikteshmu, and the light ballista.  These were folded into the heavy infantry as archers.  The number of heavy infantry did go up a bit because of this.  The fine troops of the Legion of The Splendour of Shényu were replaced with their lesser counterparts of the City of Chri for the sole purpose of using the Legion's commander - a human dressed like a reptilian Shén!  And my choices for the other heavy infantry, Sérqu and Ever Present Glory, were in production and should return soon (I also have enough of them already, except the Sérqu archers... :)

Pé Chói miniatures are not available, but it seemed natural to replace them with the medium infantry of Lady Mríssa's legion.  These miniatures are in production!  And, it is my understanding that sculpting is proceeding on the Legion of The Lord of Red Devastation...

Once again, the Sapphire Kirtle slinger miniatures are in production, making the replacement of the Vrayani much easier.  The Hláka are also available.

The artillery will be a problem to acquire, and will need a suitable proxy, as well as the peasants.

With the exception of the peasants, I already possess about half of the miniatures needed for this Tsolyáni force.


01 March 2014

Ahoggyá, part 7

Slightly more progress:

The basic colors are done; all that is needed now is detail work and then on to basing...


23 February 2014

Back again?

After my last post, I did not expect to go this long without some sort of progress...  So, I am poking around the 'Net for inspiration and appropriate miniatures.

As 15mm seems to be riding a new wave of enthusiasm, miniatures will not be too hard to find.  So, the key for success will be in the rules.  I am thinking that Impetus is not quite the set for me, and I am therefore looking at replacements.  DBA/HoTT are good candidates, and well as Chipco's Fantasy Rules!, and maybe even MAYHEM.  Each has its good and bad points.  I prefer the basing of the latter two - they use 40mm squares - to the WRG style, but DBA/HoTT are played locally on a regular basis.

It is still my plan to make historical and fantasy armies, maybe even set it up so they can morph between the two genres as appropriate.

Nothing is set in stone yet and options abound.  As the budget for this project is at $0 for the moment, I intend to write up an actual plan and see how that goes.  Might even bring the lovely wife into it as well with her own army...

15 February 2014

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, part 1

I had a few leftover coins in my pocket recently, and I sent them to The Tékumel Project for some new miniatures:

Shown above is a Warband pack of The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa (plus a few extras that will not be mentioned just yet!)

Two views of the spear-armed Aridáni.

The command set for the legion.  I see that I forgot to include the musician's right arm (which is a separate piece)...

A close-up of the standard.

Lady Mríssa hiChagotlékka's legion, also known as the 19th Imperial Medium Infantry, is composed entirely of Aridáni women warriors.