04 May 2014

Ahoggyá, part 9

Finally, these are done!

Well, almost.  I see a spot or two of touch-up is needed, and the grey one might need a bit more matte varnish.

I tried to make the base a bit less green this time, as compared to the Ever Present Glory troops:

Partly by design, and partly by the difficulty of getting the adhesive under all of those legs, I think I succeeded.

Another angle:

Right rear flank.  This pic shows the shield design a bit better.  The halberds have a variety of symbols on them; they are mostly random, with the exception of the grey one - I tried to represent the circle of eight which IIRC is symbolic of the Ahoggyá reproductive ceremony.

One last pic:

Rear angle.  Much earlier in the process, I lamented about how I made a mistake when gluing the loose shields onto the left arms of the Ahoggyá, and this shows the problem quite clearly.  The shield face is pointing down, making it difficult to see while playing.

This is number 4 of approximately 27 elements I need for my Tsolyáni army in the Thámerü scenario...


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