30 May 2014

Direction, and plans

After a bit of a painting session last night, I realized that I needed to review exactly what I am doing with this project.  Shiny new projects have been a bit of a distraction, especially in the manner of other horse-and-musket genres.  But, I think that the Half-Continent is going to see some more work regardless!

Two items need to be sorted soon.  First, basing.  Currently I am mounting my miniatures singly on 3/4" washers.  This could be a problem, as the washers might not fit into existing sabot basing, and I do not really want to make my own.  So, in conjunction with another project, I ordered a small tester of bases from Warbases, just to see how their products look.  I have a good amount of Litko bases, but I found that the products from Warbases were less expensive, even with shipping, for similar products.  If the quality is similar or better, I can see more coming in from Warbases - this small order should be in soon.

Second, rules.  In conjunction with the basing above, I need rules for both skirmish and mass battles.  I am fairly familiar with the skirmish side - there are some from Ganesha Games that would work (Song of Blades & Heroes, Song of Drums & Shakos), Sharp Practice (TFL) might be good as well, among others.  I am not so sure about bigger battle rules, where the typical unit is a battalion.  I would like to keep the figure ratio to about 1:20... Still searching so stay tuned.

I'll have some pics up on the week-end - the big basket is nearly done!


  1. Just a suggestion . . . look for 'simpler' rather than 'detailed' in terms of your rules.

    As I've aged in the hobby, I (like most) have found that I enjoy less complex rules far more than the 'heftier' ones.

    -- Jeff

  2. Very good advice, Jeff, and I agree.

  3. I look forward to the big basket.Have you seen the rules mentioned here-
    I have used them,they adapt well and most of all they are simple...
    I'm looking forward to seeing the big basket...

  4. Thank you, Alan - I will have a look at those rules!