30 September 2006


I heard about an interesting web site from the fellows at The Miniatures Page (also an interesting site!):


This site allows you to catalog the books in your library, and you can see the contents of other people's libraries. Reviews and ratings can be written by the users, and there are groups that you can form or join to discuss aspects of book reading/collecting/writing/etc. There is a wargamer group, with a dozen or so members. I find it interesting to see what the most common books are in the groups!

LibraryThing is free, with a limit of 200 entries. Yearly or lifetime subscriptions are offered for those with larger collections.


29 September 2006

Post Enfilade part 3

Some more long-overdue pics from this year's Enfilade:

A Starship Troopers game

The famous Battle on the Ice DBA game, Lake Peipus 1410, complete with Zamboni and Stanley Cup measuring aids! This is one of Paul Hannah's many marvelous 15mm DBA settings.


27 September 2006

For the time being...

My gaming budget has been closed for the near future. We are saving all of the coin we can; hopefully we will be moving in the early part of 2007.

Of course, I have plenty of minis to paint! My son's friend, suddenly realising that Ultramarines are better than Tau, gave me one of his Fire Warrior squads, and a squad of Sniper Drones. My Tau army is definitely complete; I just need to paint it all...

During this enforced time off, I will be scheming and plotting for a new plan of projects for the future. We are still going to work on armies for Reaper's Warlord game - Reptus and Elves. I am still planning on a 28mm Italian Wars Renaissance project. And I am seriously thinking about a 10mm Punic Wars project.

The key to all of these historical projects is a decent set of rules. It does not need to be the same rules for Punic and Renaissance; it just needs to be one I'm comfortable with using at home and at conventions.