30 September 2006


I heard about an interesting web site from the fellows at The Miniatures Page (also an interesting site!):


This site allows you to catalog the books in your library, and you can see the contents of other people's libraries. Reviews and ratings can be written by the users, and there are groups that you can form or join to discuss aspects of book reading/collecting/writing/etc. There is a wargamer group, with a dozen or so members. I find it interesting to see what the most common books are in the groups!

LibraryThing is free, with a limit of 200 entries. Yearly or lifetime subscriptions are offered for those with larger collections.



  1. You have me laughing.

    A 200 book limit on a library . . . I have many THOUSANDS of books. I'm not sure if I'm over ten thousand -- but I'm close.

    Gee, a 200 book library limit . . . wow.

    -- Jeff


  2. Yep, even I have more than 200 books, and one on the Wargamer group has almost that many Ospreys. For a $25 lifetime subscription, you can file as many books as you want... the top five participants has over 8000 books each.