27 September 2006

For the time being...

My gaming budget has been closed for the near future. We are saving all of the coin we can; hopefully we will be moving in the early part of 2007.

Of course, I have plenty of minis to paint! My son's friend, suddenly realising that Ultramarines are better than Tau, gave me one of his Fire Warrior squads, and a squad of Sniper Drones. My Tau army is definitely complete; I just need to paint it all...

During this enforced time off, I will be scheming and plotting for a new plan of projects for the future. We are still going to work on armies for Reaper's Warlord game - Reptus and Elves. I am still planning on a 28mm Italian Wars Renaissance project. And I am seriously thinking about a 10mm Punic Wars project.

The key to all of these historical projects is a decent set of rules. It does not need to be the same rules for Punic and Renaissance; it just needs to be one I'm comfortable with using at home and at conventions.



  1. Greg,

    Nice blog . . . but you need to keep up with it a bit more. I really like the pictures from the Ramilles game.

    Where are you planning on moving to?

    I answered some of your questions on my blog. Thank you for the comments.

    -- Jeff


  2. Howdy,

    Thanks for stopping by Jeff.

    We are staying in the Seattle area - just need a better location and/or larger place.