28 November 2011

Budget woes

Looks as if my planning tempo is going to slow down a bit - I'm facing the prospect of reduced hours at work.  This means that the GHQ project will slow down a bit until I get some funding.  It is not such a bad idea since I have yet to decide what exactly the project will encompass beyond getting some GHQ miniatures!

However, I am going to pick up on the MAATAC project as I already have some miniatures on hand.

Speaking of MAATAC, I believe that Eric Hotz is going to run another session for the Trumpeters on Friday December 2 - if you are in the Vancouver BC area you should stop in!

19 November 2011

Still scheming, dreaming of a WW2 plan

It is a good thing that I have yet to buy any micro-armour - I keep thinking of different theatres to work on!

I have discussed the eastern front (Europe) previously.  The western front of Europe is looking good also.  One could start with 1940 France and, using virtually the same terrain, play games set in 1944 France.  There is not so much variety in nationalities involved, but lots of miniatures are available.

Another theatre would be North Africa, and by this you could stretch it from Beirut or even Baghdad to Casablanca and all points in between.

And to top it all off, GHQ has started production of their Wehrmacht '47 line of what-if German vehicles - vehicles that were on the drawing boards at the end of the war.  This could be used to extend any European front, but I wonder if it would work so well in North Africa...

08 November 2011

The Plan, modified

What am I going to do about my plans for little tanks?

Well, first off, scale.  That's easy as I am going with 1/285.  I do not want to sound too jingoistic but I am going to try and source the miniatures from US manufacturers if I can.  That means mostly GHQ but CinC has a good selection including tanks that GHQ does not make.

Second, theatre of operations.  A wide open field here, but I am leaning towards The Great Patriotic War i.e. the Russian front.  Lots of variety for vehicles, with Soviet, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, and others represented.  And Lend-Lease also!

Rules?  I have yet to decide and this will take some research.

I have not forgotten my MAATAC stuff, but they might need some repainting as I will probably use the same terrain - to a point - for MAATAC as with WW2.