28 November 2011

Budget woes

Looks as if my planning tempo is going to slow down a bit - I'm facing the prospect of reduced hours at work.  This means that the GHQ project will slow down a bit until I get some funding.  It is not such a bad idea since I have yet to decide what exactly the project will encompass beyond getting some GHQ miniatures!

However, I am going to pick up on the MAATAC project as I already have some miniatures on hand.

Speaking of MAATAC, I believe that Eric Hotz is going to run another session for the Trumpeters on Friday December 2 - if you are in the Vancouver BC area you should stop in!

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  1. Yes... I put on another game on December 2nd. I put the comments for this game in the wrong place.... will place them here again (sorry about that).

    I put another MAATAC game on December 3rd, 2011. This was a two-sided game with the Terrans and Carnivores vs Entomolian and Aquarians. It proved to be the most tense and fun game of the three games I have presented this year. Nail biting to the end with the victory going to the Entomolian and Aquarians by just a hair.

    The next game I present will be on January 13th, at the Trumpeter Club, weather and time permitting. This year we haven't seen any snow, so perhaps our luck will last.

    The next MAATAC game will be a free-for-all. Each player will take one tank, and can return to the game with another tank if they are destroyed. Players will gain points equal to the value of the tanks they destroy, but will also lose points equal to the value of the tanks they choose to play with. In short, this is a gladiator fighting style MAATAC game. It should be fun!

    I haven't played this many MAATAC games in over 30 years! It is a fun game, and certainly not a difficult game to present or play. Impressive looking and certainly a head-turner.

    Eric Hotz