08 November 2011

The Plan, modified

What am I going to do about my plans for little tanks?

Well, first off, scale.  That's easy as I am going with 1/285.  I do not want to sound too jingoistic but I am going to try and source the miniatures from US manufacturers if I can.  That means mostly GHQ but CinC has a good selection including tanks that GHQ does not make.

Second, theatre of operations.  A wide open field here, but I am leaning towards The Great Patriotic War i.e. the Russian front.  Lots of variety for vehicles, with Soviet, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, and others represented.  And Lend-Lease also!

Rules?  I have yet to decide and this will take some research.

I have not forgotten my MAATAC stuff, but they might need some repainting as I will probably use the same terrain - to a point - for MAATAC as with WW2.

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